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Alien Arrival Chapter 238

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"Not bad!"

"Keep it up!" Bai Fan muttered to himself, feeling extremely calm in his heart.

He shook his long knife slightly, the blood of xenobeast stained on it was scattered with the direct splash of sea water, his eyes calmly looked at the corpse of xenobeast in half in front of him, his heart was like water still, as if Bai Fan had just What killed was not a C-Rank xenobeast, but a rookie!

In the blow just now,

Bai Fan didn’t even move the blood on his body. It can only be said to be a small test. He did a little warm-up, here. It can also be clearly seen that in one week at Base 5, Bai Fan continued to strengthen by two points on the original basis, and continued to take a step towards the next threshold.

Then, Bai Fan plunged his long knife into the seabed abruptly.

With a piercing cracking sound, the silt in the seabed provided a very majestic resistance to his advancing speed. He stopped quickly.

He also had to stop, because the crescent beasts in front of him, if he continues to rush forward, he will directly rush in. Although his strength is a little stronger, Bai Fan does not have the confidence to be together. Go to war with dozens of crescent beasts.

Such behavior is tantamount to courting death!

At the same time, Bai Ye, who followed behind, had an immediate slashing action in Bai Fan, and quickly jumped out from behind, directly greeted a crescent beast in front of him, and found what belonged to For his own goal, I saw that he pulled mecha behind, took out two very generous broad knives, and showed a penetrating smile.

Different from Bai Fan’s long knife,

This broad knife is thicker on the knife body, showing a deep black, which is half a meter in length. , About three meters long, looking at you very heavy, there is a very deep notch in the middle of the knife body, this is a bloodletting trough, in order to achieve the maximum killing effect.

"pu 呲……"

Two broad knives, under the control of Bai Ye, rush forward directly, from top to bottom, towards a crescent beast The head was fiercely slashed, but the crescent beast shrank back and wanted to avoid it. However, at this time, Lu Ping was not just watching from the side.

The two had a tacit understanding. Personally, I'm already ready!

How can xenobeast fall into the trap to escape human tactics?


A white light flashed by, and the sea in front of it was instantly cut away.

The crescent beast that was evading, the one on the right In the wing area, a one-meter-long scar appeared straight, and the bones were deeply visible, and the blood spewed out like money. In less than a while, the originally very clear blood became muddy.

"Old Bai!"

Lu Ping greeted him and let Bai Ye continue to pick it up.

At this time, he was leaning Knife, stay aside and rest.

A C-Rank x

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