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Alien Arrival Chapter 264

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“If the mechanism of this breakthrough threshold is really researched by these people in front of the Institute of Life Sciences, and has been widely used, then the impact is indeed boundless, even the whole world. The pattern of life must be changed in an instant.”

Bai Fan thought about each minding their own business, with a glimmer of hope in his eyes, with hope in it, and said to himself:

“At that time, it is estimated that the Mecha Master can be manufactured directly in batches, to achieve a quick goal. At the very least, the lowest primary level and intermediate-level should be similar. If it is high level, even if it is a high level. There is some distance from this goal, so at least it can be seen, and victory is in sight.”

Bai Fan’s thoughts are constantly thinking, all kinds of thoughts, all kinds of thoughts, appear in a flash, brainstorming, in such a short time, there are dozens of ideas, which burst out in an instant , Dissipated again.

He was thinking about everything,

From the appearance of at first, then, the breakthrough between life and death under the gaze of Gao Jun, and then the investigation and inquiry by the researchers, all of this seems to have basically been connected At the same time, the big chess that constituted that game of military headquarters was so magnificent that not only were they laid out in a big world country, but even the whole world was included in the scope.

Sun Ya sitting aside,

After this remark, it was also nodded looking thoughtful. Obviously, this set of remarks is more convincing, and it also convinced her, but this is only an argument at first that’s all, and the distance is ultimately There is still a long way to go in the implementation of this.

A scientific theory came out,

The first is to enter these stages, one is a scientific argument, the second is an example argument, the third is a universal argument, and the last is a conclusion.

One of the most difficult is the third universal argument,

Because a scientific theory is correct or not, there is only universality, and it is batched,

Can indirectly prove that this is correct!

Otherwise, there are only a few exceptions, which is absolutely incorrect and impossible.

“It is possible to write down this, and it is very possible to use this as one of the preselected plans.”

“And I very much agree that between life and death, the power that bursts out of belief in a moment is a kind of fuse. In fact, I personally feel that the accumulated energy inside the body is sufficient, and it is all accumulated over absorption of different crystals. The result of a long period of time.”

“But most of us don’t know. We feel that the energy we absorb has been completely transformed into nutrients, but we don’t know that it is stored deep in our body and d

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