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Chapter 290

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"Is this really true?"

The young man frowned over the thick paperwork.

The middle-aged man standing near him bowed his head with a hard, hard look.

"A certain part is my guess."

It was a word that could be interpreted according to the listening.

'Most of it is true. No, I think it's true ....... '

The young man touched his lower lip with his fingertips.

It was one of the little habits that came out every time I was troubled.

Phew for a moment.

"Once I got it, I'll review it."


At the young man 's end, the middle - aged man looked a bit surprised.

Both eyes were embarrassed.

"Are you reviewing? We need to send a formal inspection team now."

The voice of the middle-aged man grew a little bit.

"If you can not afford it because of the stability of the country, please leave it to me, I will find the missing people, Prince Lytas."


The youthful identity was Lytas Pershion, who drove out Manus Pershion and held the power of the Pershion Kingdom in his hand.

"Vance Bonte Baron."

Lytas looked at the middle-aged man, Vance Bonte, in a drawer with a bunch of paperwork.

The expression was nice, but the eyes and voice were deeply submerged.

Vance trembled tremendously without knowing himself.

"Is it me or is it you?"

The question was short.

The answer was so.

"You are the prince."

Vance quickly bowed his head.

Lytas gently shook his right hand.

"Be careful."

"Yes, I will keep in mind."

Vance once again bowed his head and walked out of the office.

Lytas glanced at his back, moving his eyes slightly.

'Von Bonte Baron. Nobody who supported Manus until the very end ....... '

Of course, it was among the nobles who follow the present.

However, it did not intentionally discriminate or exclude it.

However, it is natural that Lytas escaped from the exile and took power with a revolt, not an uprising.

'Those who betrayed once are likely to betray one more time.'

You should never make mistakes like Manus.

Lytas carefully opened the drawer that had just put the paper bunch.

There was a cold wind along the tail of the eye.

"Are you guys doing it?"

A low voice.

It was an act that I could not understand.

Obviously Lytas alone was in the office.

At the same time, the corner room of the office languished.

At the same time, the person who wrote down the black robes deeply revealed himself.

He pulled the end of the robe with his slender fingers.

The shaded face was revealed naturally.

Light green hair slightly darker, slightly darker gray skin, beautiful appearance, and pointed ears .......

The identity of the person wearing the black robes was Dark Elf.

"What if we did it?"

Lightly asked questions.

Lytas smiled a cold smile.

"Is that what you're paying f

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