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The Northern Front.

That was the first point of contact for the two sides in this war, and the arena where the most soldiers collided and fought.

At first, Siegfried brought the upper hand to their side through his superb deployment of troops and use of tactics.

However, the Strabus Kingdom rounded up available support from the other fronts to this battlefield as well as deploying their two Masters, Dukes Ryan Catel and McCarthy O’Brian, managing to establish a delicate power balance.

In all respects, it was already an extraordinary situation that the addition of two Masters and as many as 150,000 additional troops only resulted in the finding of a power balance and nothing more. Purely in a game of numbers, they should have been overwhelming their enemy. The fact that they could not gain an advantageous position was a simple testament to how remarkable Siegfried’s response was.

Moreover, the Republics had also deployed the majority of their military strength to this theatre.

In particular, the Hanovirtue Republic’s very own Master, General Francs, exuded the gravity of his presence. Being one of the few Masters that the Republics retained – at least officially – his productive activities on the battlefield allowed them to maintain equal grounds with the Strabus Kingdom’s two Masters.

This was the state of the battlefield when the coalition army of the Strabus Kingdom’s allies were dispatched, led by Marquis Johannes after parting ways with Milton.

It was a total army of 60,000 troops, created from the combined reinforcements of four different nations. Marquis Johannes was convinced that a force of this size was more than sufficient to cause a decisive shift in this tightrope of a battlefield; and in turn, thought that he would be valued and treated with the requisite level of respect when he joined the scene.

But his way of thinking was the very epitome of a politician out of touch with reality. It was the naïve conclusion of a politicking man who boiled war down to be nothing but a game of numbers.

Unless they were comrades with the same affiliation, commanders who fought on the field did not acknowledge one no matter how many men they brought. In particular, there was no more to be said about the commanders of the militarily powerful nation that was the Strabus Kingdom: rumored to be especially territorial and look unfavorably upon foreign supporters who tried to push them around while knowing nothing.

As soon as the 60,000 soldiers under Marquis Johannes’ command arrived, they were divided and deployed to different locations according to the orders of the Northern Front’s command staff. They were scattered due to concerns of insubordination if they were gathered in one place.

Of course, Marquis Johannes tried to refuse this order – but the war staff forcefully discharged their will. On the battlefield, there was no world in which the silver tongue of a politician would triumph over the orders

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