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Xu Xiaoshou was back in the hands of the masked man again. This time he behaved as amiably as a cat.

“Well stop torturing me! I’m not that formidable at all!” Xu Xiaoshou said weakly.

A hint of a smile appeared in the cloudy eyes of the masked man. The man started to say something, but then he began to cough violently.

“Cough, cough…puff!”

Xu Xiaoshou was nervous to hear this coughing sound, and he wondered if the man would accidentally drop him since he was coughing blood.

He’d figured out why the masked man was so weak at the moment—employing a powerful strike could also injure one’s body.

“Was that move just now ‘All Things are Swords’?” Xu Xiaoshou asked.

The masked man nodded. “The Innate Level ‘All Things are Swords.’”

Xu Xiaoshou: “…”

“Like I’d believe that,” he thought. “I am innate sword will myself, so I very well know the magnitude of the innateness. Who are you trying to fool?”

The masked man was aware that Xu Xiaoshou didn’t believe him, but he muttered to himself, “The true sword will has no level and is not related to the form. It utilizes the assault of the opponent to attack the opponent.

“As long as you master the essence of the sword, nobody will dare to attack you with their swords. It’s because…”

“Your sword becomes my sword?” Xu Xiaoshou chimed in.

The masked man froze for a moment and didn’t give a definite answer. “It can be described this way, but…”

The man paused and turned his eyes to the ground below.

“This path has been already trodden too many times by the others. It’s a dead-end. Your sword will is pretty good, so you should give it up as soon as possible.”

Xu Xiaoshou seemed to see dark spots floating before his eyes.

Your sword will is pretty good, so you should give it up as soon as possible…

What nonsense this was!

“I’ve just started to walk on the path, and you probably haven’t reached the end of your path yet,” Xu Xiaoshou said eloquently.

He figured he wouldn’t achieve anything if he couldn’t take this path.

His talent for cultivation was obvious. It would be better for him to do nothing if he had to learn the spirit technique; at least he could come up to an understanding of “appreciating time” in the end by doing so.

The masked man ignored him. There was a commotion below.

Xiao Qixiu had lost the ability to fight after being injured by the shooting sword. The law enforcers were all stunned.

Even though Elder Sang had warned them that the enemy was a bit strong this time, nobody had expected him to be so powerful.

After one strike, Xiao Qixiu, a swordsman in the throne status, had lost the ability to fight back.

Their opponent was a bit too powerful.

It was then that another person walked out on the forest path. The law enforcers, who’d been anxious, pushed their chests forward and held their heads up high when they saw this person, and they angrily stared at the two people in the sky. It seemed like

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