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That was the kind of man Elder Sang was. If he didn’t approve of you, he couldn’t care less if you lived or died.

But if he did approve of you, he would regard you as a precious treasure, and he wouldn’t allow anyone to take you away from him.

In his eyes, therein lay the difference in worth between the nine founding elders and Xu Xiaoshou…

They were worlds apart.

He eyed the silent young man, then turned to Xiao Qixiu with his straw hat in hand. “Our plan to capture the masked figure tonight failed. We underestimated his strength. He killed two Inner Yard disciples before escaping with ease.”

After a slight pause, he added. “That’s what we’ll announce to the others.”

Xiao Qixiu was stupefied. He gave Ye Xiaotian a look.

Ye Xiaotian was staring at Elder Sang in astonishment. It appeared that he was still in shock from the old man’s bewildering antics.

Elder Sang grinned cheekily. “If you still want that arm of yours, you should nod and agree.”

Ye Xiaotian remained silent.

He clutched his broken arm. The wound had stopped bleeding, but without an accomplished alchemist, it might not heal. Ye Xiaotian sank into deep contemplation.

A long moment later, Xu Xiaoshou watched as the snowy-haired child hovering in midair nodded lightly.


Xiao Qixiu nodded sullenly as well.

Xu Xiaoshou was flabbergasted. The Chief Elder of the Spiritual Law Division, who was renowned for his impartiality, had given in because of a few words from the Elder Sang?

Was this the power that authority and status granted?

He could die from sheer happiness!

Xu Xiaoshou was overjoyed when he realized that they were simply going to let go of the fact that he’d killed someone tonight.

It made sense. He would’ve had grounds for an argument if it had come to that.

Of course, he’d rather avoid having to go through the trouble of doing that in the first place. No sane person would want to be tried by the Spiritual Law Division!

Xiao Qixiu didn’t allow his attention to linger on such a small matter. His eyes started to glimmer with a familiar excitement as he stared at Elder Sang.


“About that masked figure…”

Elder Sang eyed the tender skin that had regrown on Xiao Qixiu’s chest. “You’ve had a taste, haven’t you? Why do you ask when you already know the answer?”

“Is it really him?”


The two men were speaking in riddles and confusing Xu Xiaoshou. His curiosity was piqued. “Who is he?”

Three pairs of piercing eyes turned to stare at him, and Xu Xiaoshou slowly inched away from the trio.

“You’re the ones who told me to stay. Sure, keep your gossip to yourself. But why are you ostracizing me…” he protested weakly.

The other three men were baffled. What gossip?

Elder Sang patted Xu Xiaoshou on the shoulder. “Focus on your cultivation. This isn’t something you should get yourself involved in right now.”


That only served to amplify his curi

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