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“Su Qianqian, put down the sword!”

Zhao Xidong’s scolding seemed rather useless to the crowd.

That was because Su Qianqian didn’t even bother listening to him after knowing that they were on the same side. She simply called in a subdued tone, “Sister Rao.”

Rao Yinyin knew what that meant. Su Qianqian was about to make a move, and she looked at Zhao Xidong.

“Enforcer Zhao…”

An alluring, mesmerizing voice sounded directly in Zhao Xidong’s ears, and for some reason, he was compelled to turn around and look at the woman in the red dress.

The very moment their eyes met, Zhao Xidong only felt a rumbling in his mind, and soft, pinkish colors blossomed, making everything look misty.

His expression turned strange in that very instant, and he looked seemingly content yet shy.

Eventually, he couldn’t help but lunge forward, but only grabbed thin air. He then slumped to the ground, looking very drunk.

“So huge.”

Zhou Tianshen, who was watching from behind, was completely stunned. “What kind of demonic art is this?” he thought.

That woman in the red dress had only glanced at him, and he just slumped to the ground just like that?

That was an enforcer, man!

From what he could tell, the enforcers from the Spiritual Law Division were at least powerful enough to serve as referees in the Wind and Cloud Contest.

Zhou Tianshen on the other hand…

Was merely someone among the 32 strongest.

That comparison made the differences between them glaringly obvious, yet one such powerful law enforcer had just dropped to the ground from one look in the eye.

A spectator off to the side who was eating baked seeds, looked on with envy and quipped, “Well, that really is Sister Rao’s ‘Mesmeric Art’ for you, something capable of taking on any man.”

“I heard that it’s a paradise in that illusion. D*mn, I wonder if I’ll ever get the chance to experience that…”

“You?” The one who was biting on the seeds sounded sarcastic and pointed at his bench. “You’re only fit for daydreaming on a bench!”

“At least I dare to dream. That’s more than what you can do.”

“Hehe, dream? What’s the use daydreaming? If you dare…”

Rao Yinyin turned around all of a sudden, causing the two of them to gasp in fright.

Zhou Tianshen looked elsewhere, seemingly saying that none of that had anything to do with him.

Back in the battle.

As soon as Zhao Xidong dropped to the ground, Su Qianqian started dragging her massive sword along the ground, kicking up sparks, as she charged at Zhang Xinxiong.

“She’s actually doing it?” Everyone was stunned.

The crowd had initially thought she was just putting up a show, not expecting her to actually make good on her word.

Zhang Xinxiong drew a thick, long, black iron stick from his ring and lightly tapped it on the ground, causing the ground to immediately crack.

He deemed that if Su Qianqian dared to actually attack him, then he would have nothing to fear.


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