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Feng Kong hadn’t yet given Shao Yi an answer when the man on the fake mountain just snickered, his tone utterly cold.

“You wanna run?

“You’ve had your chance…”

The air around them seemed to heat up as these words fell, so much so that even the rainwater started to fizzle and immediately evaporate.

Shao Yi was shocked, but it wasn’t what was happening in their surroundings after the man’s words that shocked him. What shocked him was what the man said.

“Run?” he thought.

“Who the h*ll is trying to run here?

“I’m not even thinking of running!

“Wait, no…

“Oh, don’t tell me…”

He then looked at Feng Kong in fright, unable to believe his eyes that his partner, who was usually so confident, was so frightened that he wanted to run.

Feng Kong turned to meet his gaze, and Shao Yi was shocked to find that there was a different look in his eyes.

“Wait, he’s getting scared?”

A killer running out of confidence right before the fight. What kind of a fight could there be anymore?

Shao Yi, who’d been composed this whole time, was now utterly terrified.

“Shao Yi’s getting scared? He’s thinking of running?” This was Feng Kong’s inner thoughts.

He turned to look at his partner, and found that the terror in his eyes had grown. He knew right then and there that the situation had gotten completely out of control.

“Shao Yi is being led on!” he thought.

“He might’ve gotten intimidated, or it could be because of me…

“If it’s the latter, boy, that guy over there really is something.” Feng Kong was feeling unsettled.

One way or another, no fight could be had at the moment anymore.

The man on the fake mountain was simply too sure of himself and had just the right handle on how to play mind games. The time he’d given the two of them was only enough to unsettle them for a brief moment. It wasn’t enough to give them more time to think.

It’d even gotten to the point where he and his partner were now mentally desynchronized.

Just when he was figuring out what to do, he caught the man on the fake mountain flap his sleeve, then shroud his hand with fire elemental spiritual source.

“Spiritual source?”

Feng Kong felt like his soul had practically left his body and like he’d been cast in some icy hell.

“Spiritual source!”

“He’s not Xu Xiaoshou!” Shao Yi’s telepathic message was one of utter, unconcealed terror.

Xu Xiaoshou might have been able to immediately make a breakthrough into Spiritual Cultivation Level Nine right after the matches were over, yet regardless of how much of a genius he might be, there was utterly no way that he could then make yet another breakthrough into level 10 right after that and even break into Innate Stage.

That man before them, whom they guessed to be at level nine of powers, was actually able to conjure fire elemental spiritual source. That meant that he was definitely someone at Innate Stage who had concealed his powers.

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