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The skies gradually cleared.

The rain had stopped some time ago.

It might have ceased because of Elder Sang’s Infernal Heavens, which had vaporized the storm clouds entirely, or because of the gaping black hole that Ye Xiaotian had ripped in the skies, devouring everything in sight.

Regardless of what they had done, no one could stop the masked stranger from leaving if the latter desired so.

The nine founding elders felt slightly disheartened. They had done little tonight.

They’d been of no help to anyone but the masked figure, who had used them to keep Ye Xiaotian in check. They’d only contributed the rain and a little sprinkle of their own blood to the fight.

“We’ve gotten old.”

“That’s right. We’re old. We can’t deny the truth.”

They sighed heavily. The extent of their injuries was something that they could handle on their own.

They immediately departed, vanishing without a trace, knowing very well that prolonging their presence at Goose Lake would only bring them further embarrassment.

Just as Ye Xiaotian had predicted, these old fellows were long past the age for battle.

Their place was behind the scenes, issuing orders that might be slightly obsolete and not in keeping with the times.

Let the new generation of leaders in the Spirit Palace unleash their abilities and prove themselves.

The dean of the Inner Yard and representative of the Spirit Palace’s leadership, Ye Xiaotian, held onto his broken arm as he landed on the banks of Goose Lake. Elder Sang grabbed Xu Xiaoshou by the collar and landed on the banks as well.


“Vice Dean!”

The law enforcers around them appeared nervous as they greeted Ye Xiaotian and Elder Sang with the utmost deference.

Their greetings startled Xu Xiaoshou.

Vice Dean?

Elder Sang was a vice dean?

He searched his mind, and after piecing together the fragmented memories inside his head, he finally made a connection between them and the old man next to him.

He had heard rumors of a vice dean in the Spirit Palace who was away from the palace most of the time and hardly drew anyone’s attention at all.

If it weren’t for people mentioning him, no one would’ve remembered that he existed.

But it would’ve been impossible for anyone to completely forget that he existed.

After all, the Tiansang Spirit Palace had been named after its two founders.

The “tian” in Tiansang had been taken from Ye Xiaotian’s name and “sang” from Elder Sang.

In addition, the Outer Yard hosted Windcloud Competition annually at the Chuyun Platform.

How had the Chuyun Platform been formed?

During the construction of the Tiansang Spirit Palace, Vice Dean and Elder Sang had cast Chuyun Peak in fire, melted down half of the peak, and forged a platform that could seat ten thousand people.

Grab any Outer Yard disciple, and he or she would be able to recite this tale from heart.

“So he’s the one…”

Things had finally clicked.

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