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The Infernal Fire Seed shrunk considerably.

And the spiritual power in his reserves noticeably increased.

Xu Xiaoshou stopped after he was done with the first round of refinement.

The process was far easier than he’d imagined it would be. All of the situations he’d been afraid of happening hadn’t appeared.

He was feeling rather disgruntled instead, and wondered if the seed had become weaker.

“No…” he thought.

“Something is off.”

He solemnly walked out his door, letting the night breeze blow through his clothes as he pressed a finger to his head and looked up at the sky with a rather lonesome expression on his face.

“It’s not that the Infernal Fire Seed has gotten weak. It’s just that…”

“I have become stronger!”


The cold breeze blew, and it looked like it was about to rain. It was then that he realized what “high and mighty,” yet alone, felt like.

He snapped back to reality after quite a while.

Given that the Infernal Fire Seed was no longer a threat to him, he went on to simply hasten his rate of internalization, changing his goal from internalizing the seed to earning Passive Points. But there was also something else.

He wanted to finish his training in “Infernal Heavens.”

It was undoubtedly a very powerful spiritual technique, and the no-brainer method of training was just what he was seeking.

A determined look came into his eyes again as he sat down cross-legged, resisting the pain as he sprayed red mist all around him again.


Spray again…



Resilience came in handy at such times. It was something he’d long honed due to his illness back in his past life.

So long as it was something he saw to be a goal and there was hope, he would make sure that he succeeded one way or another, regardless of how painful the process would be.

As time passed, that seed in his body shrunk again, and the Passive Points in his mind continuously spiked.

Passive Points: 43220.

Passive Points: 53449.

Passive Points: 64122.

It was nighttime, and the last bit of scorching heat was absorbed into his energy reserves. Spiritual power raged within him, and seemed to fill him completely.

“I did it.”

He opened his eyes, which looked ablaze with heat.

He sensed all that raging energy inside him, and that solid feeling of having become stronger was every bit on par with dumping Skill Points into techniques.

The Infernal Fire Seed above his energy reserve was completely gone, yet his progress with cultivating Infernal Spiritual Source was still at just 80 to 90 percent.

“That d*mned old fart. Don’t tell me he even got that figured out!”

He then took out a bottle containing another fire seed.

His face twisted for a bit, as if he were a kid that still had homework left that needed to be done.

“D*mn it!”

He sat down again and quit thinking about rest altogether. He looked up at the sky and decided to g

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