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“If you don’t want to do it yourself, I could kill Xu Xiaoshou for you.” Lan Xinzi shrugged, causing her dress to slip even further down her shoulders.

“One of the thirty-three of the Inner Yard kill one of the Outer Yard disciples who just became the champion of the Contest of Wind and Cloud?” Zhang Xinxiong stared directly at her. “How would you do that?”

“Assassination.” Lan Xinzi raised her chin a little, and a sneering look appeared in her eyes. “You said it yourself. He’s but an Outer Yard disciple.”

“Heh, he’s but an Outer Yard disciple, eh?

“Killing Xu Xiaoshou would indeed be simple, but do you really think you could fool the enforcer elder of the Spiritual Law Division so easily?”

“Kill him today, and you’d be executed tomorrow.” Zhang Xinxiong smirked.

“So you’re worried for me!” Lan Xinzi immediately flashed him a beaming smile.

“I just don’t want to have myself cornered over someone like that.” Zhang Xinxiong looked into the distance, a spirited look on his face. “The Tiansang Prefecture is nothing to me. Dongtianwang City is where the truly strong ones will fight in half a year.”

Lan Xinzi stared at his chiseled features with yearning in her eyes. Zhang Xinxiong’s mettle, which befitted a supreme overlord whom all submitted to, was what struck her the most.

She thought that it was quite a pity that he didn’t fancy her at all.

Zhang Xinxiong turned around and looked at her instead, causing her to become flustered, then said in a serious tone, “Get someone to keep a close eye on Xu Xiaoshou. Remember, don’t do anything rash.”

“Sure,” she said. “My Lord Master Zhang.”

Lan Xinzi then snickered and asked, “More wine?”

“No. I need to head out.”

“Where are you going?”

“None of your business.”

Lan Xinzi’s expression immediately changed, and she slammed the flask down on the table, shouting, “You’re going to find that b**ch Rao Yinyin, aren’t you?”

Zhang Xinxiong halted and slowly turned around. The look in his eyes made him look like he was about to eat someone. “Say that one more time.”

Lan Xinzi backed away and fell on a chair.

Zhang Xinxiong’s terrifying aura washed over her like a tsunami when he was angry. Despite being at Upper Spiritual Level just like Zhang Xinxiong, she still was unable to resist.

Yet, Lan Zinxi didn’t just back off this time. She immediately stood up and shouted furiously, “You won’t even be able to get inside her place. You’ve tried over and over. What’s the point in doing it again?”

Zhang Xinxiong walked up to her with heavy steps. His expression was glum as he pushed her onto a chair and said slowly, “There are some things that are beyond you.

“You have good talents, and you’re now part of the Inner Yard, so devote yourself to your training and forget about everything else.

“Know your place. You’re but a servant of the Zhang family, a messenger…

“And nothing more.”

Lan Xinzi stared at Zhang Xinxiong with a blan

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