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Chapter 45: He’s Hopeless “Wait, he won? Just like that?”

The audience was utterly confused, and even some of the fighters from the Inner Yard were puzzled by what they saw.

It was probably the most puzzling win in the history of the Outer Yard fights.

The one who’d lost was just as puzzled as the one who’d won.

“The first half of the fight was splendid, so why did things take a weird turn in the second half?”

“You done asking? It’s Xu Xiaoshou, that’s why. An outcome like that is actually pretty normal as far as Xu Xiaoshou’s concerned…”

“Hahaha, I’ve watched all of the matches with him in it, and boy, the match isn’t Xu Xiaoshou’s if the outcome isn’t anything less than weird.”

“Yeah, but this is the semi-finals…”

Some still found the outcome totally unbelievable and were wondering why the semi-finals, which had been nothing short of utterly intense the past years, had ended so messily today.

Doubted, Passive Points +664.

Doubted, Passive Points +121.

No one knew what to think about the match.

Spectators aside, even Xu Xiaoshou himself was baffled by the whole deal.

He actually had to attribute his victory to that bite from Mu Zixi. Otherwise, who was to say what the final outcome would’ve been.

If it hadn’t been for that greedy bite from her, causing her to be paralyzed long enough for him to throw her off of the ring, he might’ve been the one to bite the dust.

But then again, like it or not, that was reality.

He straightened up, then gestured at the crowd as he walked, feeling very pleased with himself as he checked on the Passive Points he earned from all the doubt cast on him.

Very nice.

The barrier shut out information from the outside once he walked into the waiting area, yet lines kept popping up all the same.

Doubted, Passive Points +2.

Doubted, Passive Points +2.


Xu Xiaoshou glanced at the two staff, who were standing frozen in place, and flashed an awkward grin.

Walking forward with a win, leaving the question marks behind in the dust…

The man who’d gotten into the finals thanks to his passive skills got into his changing area, where he washed himself and his clothes of all that dirt and bloodstains before returning to the chair to meditate.

Xu Xiaoshou took out a piece of Spirit Crystal and sniffed it, thinking back on the fight.

He had to admit that Mu Zixi was indeed powerful.

This was a girl who’d opened his eyes to other avenues of combat. He was thoroughly impressed by different ways combat could take place at Innate levels.

“Zhao Qingteng, Mu Zixi…”

“Well, I guess Zhou Tianshen could count,” he thought.

Xu Xiaoshou started looking forward the growth he would experience after getting to the Innate Stage.

In his mind, he imagined that he probably would no longer be limited by those passive skills and could truly shine and beat countless others out there.

“But then again,” he thought, “I’m probably

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