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Shao Yi frowned.

“He isn’t home?”

He’d been waiting for quite some time now, yet there were no movements from inside. Someone would’ve answered the door by now if there was actually someone home.

Being woken up in the middle of the night like that, anyone would have at least been irritable enough to check who was at the door.

He looked at the barrier wrapping the wooden door. It was entirely impossible to break through it with sheer force alone, and doing so would definitely cause some noise.

But then again, dawn would soon come. He couldn’t just keep waiting.

“Whatever,” he thought. “Just do it, then.”

He drew his short swords from his sleeve and was about to attack when another hand pressed his hands down.

Feng Kong’s voice pierced right through the barrier.

“Xiao Qixiu of the Spiritual Law Division here.”

“Open the door.”

On the other side of the door.

Xu Xiaoshou was immediately alarmed and wanted nothing more than to just run, but he stopped himself nonetheless.

The man mimicked Xiao Qixiu’s voice so well that if his Sense hadn’t told him what the two outside looked like, he would have actually opened the door right then and there.

At the moment, the man knocking on the door was holding two short swords.

If at this moment Xu Xiaoshou still hadn’t been able to guess what these two outside were up to, he’d be better off dead.

“What the h*ll is happening?”

“Why are there people here to kill me?”

He was flustered and broke out in a cold sweat. He wracked his brains, yet was unable to find a way out.

He extended Sense to its greatest range, yet the two at the door still looked like they were common folk and seemed to have no powers at all.

However, he was able to tell that these two were at least at Innate Level, and they were anything but common, even among those at Innate Level.

Being at Spiritual Cultivation Level meant that he was able to detect a specific mystical aura signature unique to those at Innate Level, making it easy to tell them apart.

These two were well-guarded that it was obvious they were trained in some kind of powers for concealing their powers.

It was entirely possible that these two were professional killers.

Dread was written all over his face.

The spirit place was protected by a massive array, which made it impossible for those outside to get in without permission unless they were exceptionally and unbelievably powerful.

He was able to immediately rule that out, judging from the age of those two.

As such, there was the question of where such powerful Innate Level fighters could be from.

There was only one answer to that question.

The Inner Yard.

He immediately shuddered all over, wondering why the h*ll someone from the Inner Yard would want to kill him.

He wracked his brains looking for a solution, but his neurons felt as if they were dying en masse at the moment, as his brain simply refused to com

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