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Chapter 42: Violent Girl Xu Xiaoshou saw the girl’s hands, which she’d been clenching, immediately extend right after she said this, and massive blasts of pitch-black particles came at him.

“What the hell?” he thought.

Xu Xiaoshou’s spiritual energy inside burst right away, deflecting the pitch-black particles, and then he realized something.

“Seeds?” he thought. “There’s actually someone weird enough to fight using seeds?”

He was puzzled and looked at the seeds spread all over the floor.

“Wait, hold on.

“Innate… wood elemental?”

He turned his attention to Mu Zixi again and seemed to once again recall that towering ancient tree that had shot a huge watermelon to the field.

“Seeds, ancient tree…”

Xu Xiaoshou’s pupils contracted as he came to realize something.


Mu Zixi seemed to know what he was thinking. She narrowed her eyes and grinned before clapping.

“Little trees, get him!”

Go go go!

Tens of ancient trees shot into the air in the blink of an eye and tried to blast him out of the barrier of the arena.


Blood sprayed in midair.

He felt his lower body shiver. The trees were so forceful they almost broke his spine and killed him on the spot.

“Damn, that was unexpected…” he thought.

He groaned in pain in midair. No one would have expected something like that to happen at the very start.

People usually fought using blades of some sort, yet that little girl used seeds instead.

“Innate-level trees. That impact… d*mn, that’s terrifying!”

He managed to somehow get in control of his body while still in the air and scrambled to summon the black sword to get away riding the blade.

However, a thick vine unexpectedly shot into the air and wrapped around him before pulling him down hard.

“Sh**!” he cursed right then and there. That was a weakness of fighting up close: one could be caught in their opponent’s combos right away.

Before he could even react, he felt his vision go black.

“What is going on?” he thought.

He was completely confused.

Xu Xiaoshou didn’t realize what was happening due to being caught in the middle of the action, but the spectators well knew what was going on.

As soon as he was sent flying, a massive array beneath him immediately shifted, making space right in the center.

Then, a thick vine immediately emerged out of a tree and dragged him into that ancient tree’s array.

“Everything is going as planned,” Mu Zixi thought to herself. She clenched her fists, shaking hard.

A booming rumble was heard as the trunks crashed into each other and twisted into a single entity, leaving only the crown swaying elegantly about.

The arena was silent.

The spectators’ eyes twitched as they seemed to clearly hear the sound of Xu Xiaoshou’s bones snapping.

“Gosh, the girl is really going overboard.”

“Oh heavens, she smiles like an angel, but she sure as h*ll doesn’t fight with the mercy of

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