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“The Inner Yard is over there.”

Xu Xiaoshou pointed in the direction of the Inner Yard with his back facing the man.

There were three paths at the corner of the small forest. One lead to his own yard, and another one led to the Outer Yard. It was a straight path that led right to the Chuyun Platform, where the Windcloud Competition took place.

The third path led to Goose Lake. By following this path, one could enter the Inner Yard and reach the Spiritual Library Division after turning a corner.

“Why do you want to go to the Inner Yard? Do you intend to steal books there?” Xu Xiaoshou asked curiously.

This man was wrapped from head to toe, and only his eyes were visible. He indeed looked like a thief, or even a robber.

However, if he was a thief, he wouldn’t have come here so recklessly without knowing how to get around the place.

“This isn’t something you should know,” the masked man sternly replied.

“I’m just curious.”

“But curiosity killed the cat.”

“Oh, you go ahead then,” Xu Xiaoshou said casually.

The masked man asked through gritted teeth, “So, can you get off of me now?”

“Oh, I’m terribly sorry.”

As a matter of fact, Xu Xiaoshou didn’t dare to get off his body; but it definitely wasn’t a good idea to continue riding him. At least, he didn’t want to get brought along while this man stole; otherwise, he’d become the man’s accomplice.

He forcefully bumped his stomach against the man’s back and a powerful counterforce made the two of them bounce in opposite directions, instantly separating them by dozens of meters.

Xu Xiaoshou dashed forward with his head lowered for a long while, but he found there was no commotion behind him and couldn’t help but feel surprised.

He turned his head and saw the masked man pull himself up with difficulty by leaning against a tree trunk from a pool of water on the forest path.

Xu Xiaoshou, “…”

“You’re so weak,” he thought. “How can you have the courage to be a thief?

“Did you really come here from outside of the Spirit Palace?

“I suspect that you’re playing me.”

The masked man didn’t pay Xu Xiaoshou any attention. It seemed that in Xu Xiaoshou’s eyes, the only reason for his existence was to ask his ordinary inquiries.

Yet, after walking toward the Inner Yard for a while, the masked man discovered that Xu Xiaoshou kept on peeking at him clandestinely while curled up underneath the white jade railing, like a thief stealing a bell with his ears covered.


The man halted in his tracks and said with a sigh, “You fought pretty well earlier; but your sword style was a bit off. You should fix that as soon as possible.”

With arched eyebrows, Xu Xiaoshou realized that his man had witnessed the process of him killing those two men.

The thought of killing the man to shut him up once again crossed his mind, but the problem was whether he could beat the man or not.

This man was way too weird!

“My sword style wa

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