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It was understandable that he didn’t believe it.

The guy had already been cut down by Xu Xiaoshou when there were thirty-two people left in the match, and thus had long since given up hope. As such, he couldn’t believe that he was actually able to join the Inner Yard.

The crowd cheered. Some were envious, some were jealous, but most were just curious.

Many were wondering if the bar had been lowered for this year, given the fact that someone ranked below 32 on the Windcloud Board was allowed to join.

Xiao Qixiu continued saying, “The second candidate to join the Inner Yard, Zhao Qingteng.”

Zhao Qingteng, who was usually cool and aloof, couldn’t help but smirk, his fingers tracing the guard of his Ice Stream Sword.

“Second ne…”

The audience clenched their fists, noting that the record had been broken.

“Third candidate to join the Inner Yard, Mu Zixi.”

“Fourth candidate to join the Inner Yard, Mo Mo.”

Xiao Qixiu read out two names in a row, causing quite a commotion in the audience.

Mu Zixi grabbed her pigtails. She looked very excited, so much so she even hopped once on the spot.

Mo Mo, on the other hand, remained cradling the bronze cauldron in her hand. She took a whiff of the incense within, her face deadpan.

“This is awesome!”

The audience was extremely excited, as if their names were the ones that had been called instead.

But someone voiced their doubts all of a sudden. “Hold on. It looks like only people at the Innate Stage were called…”

Everyone was stunned, finding that it was indeed the case.

Even Zhou Tianshen, who was outside the 32, was only able to join the Inner Yard due to having broken into Innate Stage in that battle with Xu Xiaoshou.

“In previous years, it seems like only people at the Innate Stage were allowed to join too.”

“If that’s the case, Xu Xiaoshou would definitely be able to join then, since he has Innate Level Physique…”

“Not quite,” someone interjected.

“Those with Innate Level Physiques have reached the end of the road. It would be very difficult for them to go further from there. Furthermore, his powers are only at level eight.”

Everyone started to feel tense then, as someone with Innate Level Physique making it to Master Stage was virtually unheard of.

The reason was simple—training was simply too difficult to achieve further success.

That was an unwritten law of sorts, which applied to more than just the Tiansang Spirit Palace; it was something that applied everywhere in the entire Shengshen Continent.

Everyone’s gaze fell on Xu Xiaoshou. None had expected the champion to be the one who’d caused the audience the most worry.

They wondered if an exception would be made for someone at Acquired Stage to join the Inner Yard.

They wondered if the number of candidates allowed to join the Inner Yard would go up to five, which was unprecedented.

Everyone started to feel very tense.

Xu Xiaoshou was rather int

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