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Shao Yi didn’t think that much. The less one thought, the better one’s life was his motto. He turned around to look at the fake mountain.

“Huh?” he thought.

“No one’s around?”

He caught a silhouette in his periphery not far away, causing him to immediately turn around.

He saw a man in white clothes with his hair messily draped over his shoulder. His arms were behind his back.

This was the man who was standing on that fake mountain.

He came to stand right in front of Shao Yi.

Shao Yi’s pupils contracted. The man had his head hung low, obscuring his face, yet the clothing he was wearing was noticeably tattered.

That man’s clothes seemed to have been torn by a sword, and the exposed skin was all bruised and battered.

There were also vague bloodstains on said clothes that had almost all been washed away by the rain.

Shao Yi wasn’t stupid. While he was unable to keep up with the terrifying thought processes exhibited by those other two, he still had basic judgment.

Judging from the extent of the man’s injuries, gashes from sword attacks, and bruises…

Coupled with the fact that Xu Xiaoshou had Innate sword will and Innate Level physique…

Shao Yi could tell that the man wasn’t Xu Xiaoshou.

Yet, the man had fought Xu Xiaoshou.

So the real Xu Xiaoshou…

Was dead!

“What th…”

The rain was heavy, and he dared not even turn his head around, so Shao Yi just simply stared at that man in white in the rain, feeling the scene to be rather eerie for some reason.


A rumble of thunder was heard, and the man in white lifted his head all of a sudden.

“Holy sh**!”

Shao Yi was so frightened that he kept backing away from the man until his back hit the wall. “Xu Xiaoshou!?” he uttered in fright.

“What kind of insanity is this?” he thought.

He’d just speculated that the man before his eyes wasn’t Xu Xiaoshou, yet when the man had looked up, he’d shown a face with features completely identical to Xu Xiaoshou’s.

“Now I see why Kong was so scared. Thinking is a frightening thing indeed.”

“He’s Xu Xiaoshou!” he shouted.

Feng Kong couldn’t help but turn around when he heard Shao Yi’s shout.

Lightning flashed across the night sky, and glimmers of silver light were seen on the man in white’s face.

Both of them looked at the messy-looking man at the same time and grinned, yet their grins were anything but sincere, as that face before them felt like it belonged to someone else, and everything felt wrong.

They felt their skin crawl.

This was so d*mn terrifying.

Feng Kong was so confused that he lost all his powers of judgment. Even Shao Yi, who had just learned to think, felt like his brain was frying.

Was this guy Xu Xiaoshou or not? That was the question that came to each of their minds at almost exactly the same time.

“I’m Xu Xiaoshou.”

The man in white seemed to have read their thoughts and grinned again.

Oh, they weren’t goin

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