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Chapter 143: A Lie That Led to a Mind-Blowing Revelation

“Xu… Xiao… Shou!”

Luo Leilei’s face turned deathly pale, but she seemed to look much better after clutching her chest and swallowing an elixir.

She knew she’d gone against her word. Thus, she’d had the intention of having a proper discussion with Xu Xiaoshou. She wouldn’t have minded trading something in return for the scabbard.

She had other valuable items on her she could’ve traded for it. In fact, she’d been willing to trade multiple items.

But Xu Xiaoshou had attacked her first before she could make the first move.

He hadn’t held back at all, and had hit her hard. What was that he’d said about not hitting women?

“Men are all liars!”

Nevertheless, his attack had shocked her. She’d done her homework on the new cohort of Inner Yard Thirty-Three, and they were hardly her match.

She’d known she wasn’t going to run into any worthy rivals during her short stay in the Tianxuan Gate.

But then she’d come across Xu Xiaoshou…

His physical strength and resilience were incredible, and his swordsmanship also seemed quite accomplished.

Compared to Brother Shuangxing…

Well, they were worlds apart.

“Xu Xiaoshou! You’re really asking for it, aren’t you?” She got mad once again, and her eyes burned with anger as she glared at him.

Suspected, Passive Points +1.

Cursed, Passive Points +1.

Missed, Passive Points +1.

“Missed?” he thought, and he hurriedly stopped his flight. His two fingers looked ready to destroy his enemy.

“Why has she started missing me?”

He wasn’t frightened of being cursed. What he was terrified of was being remembered and missed, especially when it was a woman doing the missing.

Nothing good ever happened when that particular notification popped up.

If he was remembering correctly, the last time it appeared it’d come from the masked intruder!

Xu Xiaoshou shivered uncontrollably.

“Hold on a minute. I’m not asking for anything.”

He raised his hands in a placating manner. “You tried to snatch my scabbard from me, so I hit you once. We’re even. We can go our separate ways now.

“…You go do whatever you’re supposed to do while I go on my merry way.”

Luo Leilei was so shocked she almost threw up another mouthful of blood.

Did he just call his attack and her attempt at taking the scabbard from him a fair exchange?

His attack had landed, so shouldn’t he let her have the scabbard, then? This man had absolutely no shame.

She had to control her temper.

There was something not quite right with him. This was a man who, like her, had been chosen to go on an undercover mission. He wasn’t someone to easily trifle with.

He must be trying to provoke her. She had to keep herself from blowing up!

Xu Xiaoshou stared at Luo Leilei as she panted violently, not saying a word, and couldn’t help but be taken aback.

Was she that weak? She’d taken an elixir, hadn’t she? So why wa

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