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Chapter 117: I’m Actually That Powerful?

Meanwhile, in some unknown remote woods within the Inner Yard…

“Honey, calm down, okay?”

“I really, really didn’t mean to stand you up. There really was a mission back at noon… Oh right. I was out to chase the enemy!”

“N-No, he got away…”

Zhao Xidong awkwardly rubbed his nose awkwardly, cursing that d*mned Xu Xiaoshou for getting him into trouble. If it weren’t for him, there wouldn’t have been such a big commotion.

He then hugged the pretty woman in front of him.

“See, I’m making amends now. Just look at how beautiful the night is. It’s so much better to come out on a date at night than in the afternoon.

“I really, really didn’t go looking for another woman. You’re the only one in my heart.

“Stop being angry, pretty please?”

He looked at the girl, and his affectionate eyes on that handsome face of his reflected a girl whose anger was slowing dissipating.

“Alright, I swear!”

She pressed a finger to his lips and said in a flirty voice, “Don’t!”

Zhao Xidong shook his head, lowered her finger, and looked at her affectionately. “But I want to—”

There was no way he could let this chance pass.

“Hmm, hmm!” The girl propped her chin on her fist, sounding embarrassing and seemingly knowing what he was going to say.

His eyes still on the girl, Zhao Xidong held up three fingers, put on an affectionate expression, and said affectionately, “I, Zhao Xidong, hereby swear that I shall only love my honey Mimi here for the rest of my life. If I be lying, then let me be struck by lightning!”


A rumbling was heard in midair, followed by a flash.

Zhao Xidong was baffled.

“This… you…” The girl pointed at him in disbelief. She cradled her hand by her chest as she slowly backed away before covering her face and running.

“Honey, come back! That wasn’t lightning. That was sword aura!” Zhao Xidong shouted at the top of his lungs.

Yet the girl ran and didn’t look back.

“That was Innate Sword Will!”

Zhao Xidong felt like his heart was about to shatter. He pointed at the sky and shouted, “Su Qianqian, this is the sixth! You shall die a horrible death for getting in the way of my love!”

He then headed out as soon as he finished this, but instead of chasing after the girl, he headed toward the source of that sword aura.

The girl ran for a bit in the woods not far away. Despite having slowed down, there was still no one chasing after her. She seemed to realize something.

“At the end of the day, it’s me all alone again…”

The night sky was filled with stars that night, and many couples and minor nobles were going about their business in the Inner Yard.

Xu Xiaoshou’s move shot across the night sky, attracting everyone’s attention and causing quite a commotion.

There seemed to be people gathering around.

Yuan Tou’s eyes darted about. He was feeling rather nervous.

Seeing that the state of affairs wasn’t

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