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Chapter 113: Life-Devouring Wood Physique

While heading back to her own new place, Mu Zixi silently watched as Zhou Tianshen ran for the Outer Yard.

Her only impression of Xu Xiaoshou…

Was hateful. He stunk!

“Hmph, whatever,” she thought. “None of my business.”

Her pigtails danced about as she hopped her way out of the group. The little girl, who was wearing a pale green dress, looked like a fairy, and she mouthed a song as she took out a pill and bit and chewed it like it was some kind of candy.

A thick fragrance emanated from her mouth and nose, which was inevitable, as none could actually perfectly absorb the power of the pills.

The fauna swayed in her direction, looking like they wanted to touch that mystical power they could only dream of.

“That’s a Life Generating Pill indeed.” A sigh was heard all of a sudden.

“Who goes there!” Mu Zixi kept her eyes peeled and dusted her hands. Dust was kicking up all around her. All the surrounding fauna was turned to her eyes and ears, allowing her to immediately sense everything in her surroundings.

She then turned to the side.

An old guy and a young guy…

Ptuih, two old guys!

“Dean, vice dean?” She suppressed the urge to make a move, her eyes full of curiosity. “It’s getting late. Can I be of service in any way?”

Elder Sang lifted his hat, letting the moon shine on the amicable smile on his face. “What kind of spiritual physique are you?”

Mu Zixi peered further around the fauna, a puzzled look on her face. “What do you mean?”

Elder Sang then appeared right before her and took her wrist. She tried to resist, yet quickly found herself unable to shake free.


“This is weird. When did you become so average? You didn’t feel like this at the library.”

Elder Sang thought back to when he found her stealing books in the library and she’d been so shocked by his appearance that she’d passed out. Back then, there’d been an extremely massive life force inside her.

However, that wasn’t the terrifying thing here. What was more terrifying was how her wood elemental trait had allowed her to consume that lifeforce, allowing her to evolve further.

Throughout all the decades he’d lived, that was the first time he’d met with someone with a spiritual physique.

He’d let her be back then because he’d been worried about Xu Xiaoshou.

However, despite all the information he’d read afterward, he’d been unable to find any information regarding such a physique.

Yet, if a spiritual physique of any kind could keep evolving on its own, then, theoretically speaking, with the right conditions met such a physique would completely possess the potential to become a sacred physique.

Mu Zixi’s spiritual physique needed to consume lifeforce, which was why she was munching on a Life Generating Pill.

If her lifeforce wasn’t kept at an adequately high level, her wood elemental powers would then gradually engage in autophagy, which would

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