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It was warm in the afternoon. Two figures were seen slowly flying across the sky, catching people’s attention.

“Look, what’s that?”

“Xu Xiaoshou?”

“Seems like him. And Reverse Sword Subduing?”

Some people got very excited. Xu Xiaoshou was a huge figure among the ones from the Outer Yard. He was still the champion after all, and his antics never failed to baffle others. As such, there were a lot of people who knew him.

“Who is that next to him? The sword is so huge I can’t make out who’s riding it.”

“Looks like Su Qianqian from the Inner Yard, but that can’t be right. My eyes must be playing tricks on me. No way Su Qianqian would go on the streets like that with Xu Xiaoshou.”

“Yeah, you got that right, but I’m surprised she knows ‘Reverse Sword Subduing’ too. Man, this is something!”

“This is something? Seems dizzying to me…”

In the sky, Su Qianqian was indeed feeling rather dizzy, yet she managed to suppress the motion sickness. “Brother Xiaoshou, why are we flying so slow?”

Xu Xiaoshou glared at her and said, “Slow? This is steady!”

“If there’s one thing wrong with you, it’s that you get too anxious over everything. Steadiness is important, you know?”

“Okay.” Su Qianqian listened without objecting to anything.

Xu Xiaoshou then glanced at the Information Bar.

Envied, Passive Points +32.

Envied, Passive Points +4.

Envied, Passive Points +122.


“This is some reward indeed,” he thought. “Why the well would I wanna fly fast, then?”

Furthermore, one had to be capable of flying fast in order to do so, and his current speed was pretty much his very limit.

His remaining Passive Points had been reduced to single-digits after he finished his drawings, yet having his body encroached by that masked person’s sword aura had enabled him to earn over 1000 Passive Points.

But then again, such a way of earning points was nowhere near as comfortable as what he was doing now.

“See? I’ve already managed to earn this much just by flying from my place to Goose Lake. All done simply by taking in bits after bits. Many a little makes a mickle, as they say… and look, I’m almost at 2000 Passive Points earned already.”

Xu Xiaoshou felt like he’d just discovered a new way of making money.

With the contest over and no safe fights to be had, he deemed that taking a stroll every day from then on out would earn him a number of Passive Points comparable to fighting someone while enabling him to take a breather and relax as well.

And, if he happened to do it at peak hours…

Hehe. Xu Xiaoshou felt like he was about to salivate.

Both of them flew to Goose Lake, and Su Qianqian finally decided to stop playing. She then asked solemnly, “Brother Xiaoshou, was someone trying to kill you last night?”

Xu Xiaoshou came to his senses, astonished at how quickly news traveled. He wondered if that was the real reason why Su Qianqian had come looking for him.

“Elder Xiao told y

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