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Chapter 135: Master Physique

Attacked, Passive Points +1.

Attacked, Passive Points +1.


Passive Points: 100861.

Passive Points: 200404.


Xu Xiaoshou was feeling so good at the moment that one could say he was having a high.

He left only a bit of his spiritual sense in the Information Bar and used the rest of his remaining mental focus on evading supersized attacks from the falls.

It took little more than 15 minutes for his Passive Points to near 200 thousand. As to why the number was only 200 thousand…

The white sword aura blasts came in such a frenzy it was like they were on steroids. They blasted him in a fit of rage, happening at a rate that easily exceeded 500 points per second, and that rate was still climbing.

He would’ve been in utter glee if only this were the case, but the supersized blasts were coming a lot more frequently as a result, so much so that one came every second.

At times, the blasts came from all directions, and he was completely unable to evade them, resulting in him having to leave the Black Waterfalls to avoid these maximal attacks.

“Keep it up, Xu Xiaoshou!

“Just stay in there for a little while longer. You’ll get all the points you’ll need.”

His eyes were filled with steely determination. Fearsome attacks were incapable of deterring him entirely. If it hadn’t been for trying to avoid losing pounds for pennies, he could’ve simply upgraded “Strengthen” to the fullest, yet doing so would’ve been irrational.

Pfftt, pfftt!

Two massive gashes were wrought on his body again, and the pain was so intense that he hissed.

Before he left the Black Waterfalls, all the white sword aura coming from above disappeared all of a sudden, which baffled him.

“What’s happening? You’re done already?

“Come on, man. You gotta keep it up too!”

He was immediately flustered. However, he shuddered all of a sudden, and the spiritual sense in his mind threw up a red alert.

He immediately looked up and saw the top of the Black Waterfalls turn completely white as an enormous white blast of sword aura came down on him.

He was completely frightened and knew that his eyes weren’t fooling him when he received confirmation from his Sense.

That wasn’t just any white sword aura. This was a white sword aura of a size unlike any other, and it was all over the place.

“What the f**k? You really are doing this, eh?”

There was no time to escape the waterfalls, and he dumped as many of his Passive Points into a single skill as he could in the nick of time.

Strengthen (Master, Lv.1).

“It’s truly gotten to Master Level…” He was dumbfounded by what he read on the Information Bar.


But he didn’t get to be happy for long, as he was brought all the way to the bottom of the Black Lake by that utterly terrifying enormous white sword aura blast, which caused an explosion of water tens of meters tall.

His surroundings were all dark, an

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