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Chapter 119: I have Urgent Business. I’ll Take My Leave, Then.

Xu Xiaoshou’s words stunned everyone.

You’d have to completely lack all sense to take what he said at face value.

“What’s with the ‘If I’d managed to run, Zhao Shu wouldn’t have died’, eh? Is that something that someone with any sense at all would say?” Zhao Xidong thought, feeling frustrated and exasperated.

He’d known since the group matches that the kid was anything but normal, yet the kid still managed to catch him off-guard all the time.

“Alright, cut the chatter. You two, come with me!”

Yuan Tou started to panic. “I did nothing, man!” he cried inwardly. “What, so now I, a passer-by, has to be punished too just because Xu Xiaoshou said something?”

“Why!?” he asked.

Zhao Xidong gave Yuan Tou a cold look and said icily, “Don’t think for a second I didn’t know what you people have been scheming. You’d better pray that I don’t catch any of you in the act… You won’t like what will happen to you if I do.

“By the way, Xu Xiaoshou has a point. Even if you didn’t do anything, you were still the first witness to see what happened, and the Spiritual Law Division very much requires your presence.”

Yuan Tou was speechless. D*mn you, Xu Xiaoshou!

But then again, he was unable to make a rebuttal to this. Many had seen that he was the first person there when they arrived at the fight.

Even if he were able to weasel himself out of this, anyone with sense would be able to tell that he was lying if he said he’d been attracted by the sword aura like everyone else.

Everyone around looked at Xu Xiaoshou and realized that, despite being the killer, he was actually the victim instead.

Somehow, things felt really weird.

It was a weird feeling about things that one just couldn’t place somehow. It felt like a piece of bone was stuck in one’s throat, and the feeling was awful.

“Sh**. My brain doesn’t feel up to the task right now. Why do I pity Xu Xiaoshou, man? He just killed someone…” Someone voiced their thoughts aloud in the midst of the crowd.

“Stop worrying and just enjoy the show.” Some who were familiar with Xu Xiaoshou’s antics laughed out loud. “You’re worried for Xu Xiaoshou? You really think your brain isn’t up to the task? How about you shake it and see, eh?”

“What about it?” That person shook their head.

“You hear that?”

“Hear what?”

“The sound of water swooshing…”

“What the…”

The law enforcers had surrounded the two of them.

Xu Xiaoshou glanced at Yuan Tou and said, “So he’s gonna show up at the Spiritual Law Division, right?”

Zhao Xidong nodded, not knowing why he was asking him this.

“Not only him. You too,” he thought. “And if Zhao Shu was still alive, all three of you would’ve been going together!”

“Are you sure?”


“Very well…” Xu Xiaoshou then fished out a token and said in a hurry, “Elder Sang needs me for something urgent. Could I show up later instead?”

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