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Chapter 110: Catching an Affair in the Act

“What are you looking at?”

Rao Yinyin, discovering that the kid’s gaze was still lingering on her leg, grabbed his chin and turned his head around, a tinge of red covering her face.


It felt as if his neck were about to snap. The only thing in his eyes was a touch of annoyance the reflection of a huge piece of ceiling in front of him.

Rao Yinyin blinked, and she went back to being flirty again, saying softly, “I only need a single pill, and then we can call it even.”

“Pill?” he thought. “She’s asking me for a pill?

“Wait, shouldn’t she be asking Elder Sang…”

Xu Xiaoshou then pulled at her hand, giving himself some room to lower his head somewhat, before he was finally able to talk. “What pill?”

“Bodhi Pill.” She blinked. “Or maybe… a Sovereign Pill.”


Xu Xiaoshou immediately shuddered. He knew that Sovereign was above Master in terms of rank, which meant she was…

“Are you at the peak of Master level?”

His voice was filled with nothing but utter shock. He was doomed!

“Looks like I’m not going anywhere today, then!” he thought.

“Are you saying only someone at the peak of Master Level could want a Sovereign Pill?” Rao Yinyin rolled her eyes at him, yet she remained just as alluring as before.

“Innate Pill is eighth-grade, Master Pill is sixth-grade, Sovereign Pill is…” Xu Xiaoshou roughly counted inside his head.


“Are you kidding me!?”

He shook his head so hard that he looked like he was trying to hit something. “Oh, you’re not getting a Sovereign one from me. Don’t ever, ever think about it!”

“I have Origin Court Pills, though. I could give you 10.”

Rao Yinyin was amused at his frustration.

“Why would I want Origin Court Pills?” she thought.

“Sovereign Pill,” she repeated.

“This is nowhere near doable.” Xu Xiaoshou continued to shake his head and began to bargain. “How about Master Pill, eh? I could like ask for it somehow and see if I could do anything?”

“Oh?” Rao Yinyin raised an eyebrow, a cunning look appearing in her eyes. “So you really can ask for pills, then?”

Xu Xiaoshou felt his heart sank, and he wondered if the girl had been bluffing all along.

“Well, then it can only be a Sovereign Pill.” Rao Yinyin started to move her face closer to his, so much so that Xu Xiaoshou was able to feel the warmth of her breath.

“Breaking into Master Level is as easy as breathing to me, so what need would I have for Master Pills, then?

“And your Origin Court Pills…

“Keep those for yourself, Spiritual Cultivation Level nine rookie.” The corners of her mouth twitched, and her eyes were full of nothing but ridicule.

Flirted, Passive Points +1.

She pressed a supple finger to his lips when he opened his mouth to say something.

“I’m one to keep my word. So long as you’re able to get me a Sovereign Pill, not only will I let what happened today slide, but I’l

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