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Chapter 120: A True Genius

Xu Xiaoshou didn’t return to his new place. He went to the library instead.

The token opened the barrier, and he was only able to feel secure after arriving on the third floor.

“Zhang Xinxiong…”

He’d thought those people would’ve called it quits for a while, yet they hadn’t even bothered waiting an entire day before trying again after the assassination attempt last night failed.

As for whether Zhao Shu had indeed come to kill him just to get the slot to the Tianxuan Gate and ended up being used by Yuan Tou, that no longer mattered.

One way or another, he wasn’t going to let those who were out to kill him walk away alive.

“It’s a pity I can’t go back to my own place.

“Looks like I’ll be sleeping at the library for the next three days, then.”

Xu Xiaoshou was feeling rather exasperated, as, after that fight, he’d basically learned where he stood in terms of power levels.

He knew that while he could probably do away with one of the 33 if he were to go all out, he also knew that things would get very difficult if he had to deal with those veterans.

That man called Zhao Shu had almost killed him with just his control abilities and cold attacks.

Xu Xiaoshou decided to hunker down for once and hide in the library for three days.

He knew that he had to make a breakthrough into Innate Level while being in the Tianxuan Gate.

And he also knew that he probably wouldn’t stand a chance if they sent another assassin after him.

Noon the next day.

Elder Sang came to the third floor of the library and was startled to find a man covered in blood lying on the ground. It took him a moment to realize that the man was Xu Xiaoshou. He then went on to kick him up.

“Didn’t I tell you to find your own place and get on with alchemy elsewhere?

“What the h*ll are you doing here?”

He was rather startled to find that the kid had blood all over him, feeling rather lucky that the kid had gotten himself blown up rather than the library.

Xu Xiaoshou gradually woke up and immediately became furious when he saw the old man.

“So you snatched a slot to enter the Tianxuan Gate from someone else?” he asked.

Elder Sang immediately realized what had happened to the kid after hearing this. “So, all that blood resulted not from alchemy but from someone trying to kill you, eh?” he thought.

“There’s a limited number of slots to enter the Tianxuan Gate. You getting one naturally meant that someone had to lose theirs. It’s a given fact, and completely normal.

“This world has a limited number of resources. With every step you take toward further growth from here on out, you’ll end up walking over someone, either directly or indirectly. Better get used to it.”

Xu Xiaoshou took a deep breath. The old fart was making so much sense and the words were so deeply rooted in reality that he had no rebuttal.

“So, someone took revenge on you?” Elder Sang then chuckled.

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