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“Huh? How did you know?”

Xu Xiaoshou was rather surprised, but when he recalled how quickly Su Qianqian had been able to come to him, he realized that she definitely knew everything.

“That guy came for me last night.” What she said surprised him.

He was flabbergasted. “You already knew he came for you and yet you’re still all smiles?” he thought.

However, he was stunned at the same time. He figured that the Tiansang Spirit Palace was actually mobilizing the powers of the entire place just to keep this girl before him safe.

Su Qianqian’s expression seemed to say “relax.” She raised her hand and patted his shoulder for a bit to comfort him.

“There are 21 famed swords on the continent. With the exception of those lost ones, all are pretty much protected by certain sword wielders.”

“The previous wielder of Epitaph of City Snow was my grandfather.”

“When I was young, three waves of assassins would come to my place every night on average, all of them there for the sword. But then again, as expected, all of them were dead.”

“I’ve gotten used to situations like this.” She looked totally unconcerned.

Xu Xiaoshou was shocked. This was the first time he’d heard the little girl talk about such things.

Su Qianqian put her hands behind her back, acting like an old person. It was obvious that she was doing an impression of her grandfather.

“My grandfather fell ill when I was 10. Everyone at home started touching the sword, as famed swords pick their next wielder.

“Everyone had high hopes for my father, as he’d been preparing for that day for decades.

“Yet, a year later, it was I who earned its recognition, and I became its wielder when I was 11.”

Xu Xiaoshou caught the underlying bitterness in the otherwise cheerful tone in which she elaborated her story. He then asked, “The number of intruders skyrocketed, then?”

“Yeah.” Su Qianqian nodded, and her eyes reddened. “My father, he died fighting…”

“If it’d been him carrying the sword, he wouldn’t have died. He had prepared for so long…”

The sword then hummed, and the surrounding temperature dropped sharply. Xu Xiaoshou then patted her on the head to comfort her.

“Everyone has their own encounters, be they good or bad.

“The sword has chosen you, so you’re destined to bear more on your shoulders. Don’t get saddened over it.”

He was overcome with emotion.

Such is the workings of fate. Whether you’re prepared or not, when it comes, it comes.

There’s no point dwelling in the past.

Whether you can endure and survive it and make it into something that will benefit you is what should occupy your thoughts.

The same thing had happened to him and to Su Qianqian.

He wondered if the others would catch, dissect, or study him if they ever discovered this thing in his mind or somehow realized that something was off with him.

Xu Xiaoshou then shuddered and thought about Elder Sang and that masked man.

The pattern was a

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