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Chapter 141: Pulling Turnips?

“This is…”

Xu Xiaoshou broke through three layers of barriers and flew to the top of the Black Cliff.

He was stunned by the sight that greeted him there.

A young woman in a white dress had her back facing him, and her butt was sticking so far up in the air that she was hardly the picture of dignity and grace.

“Ah!” She was using everything that she had to pull something out of the ground.

“Are you trying to get a turnip out?” Xu Xiaoshou asked. “Do you need help? I’m really strong!”

“Who is it?” The young lady whirled around and fell onto her butt in shock. “Xu Xiaoshou?”

Everyone in the Spirit Palace knew who Xu Xiaoshou was. At first, no one in the Inner Yard had known much about him, but then Zhao Shu died, and by the next day everyone in the Inner Yard had come to know who he was.

“It’s a sword?”

Xu Xiaoshou finally saw what she was trying to pull out of the ground. The turnip-shaped item was a sword that was stuck in the ground…

Hold on. It wasn’t a sword. It was a scabbard!

The scabbard was black, plain-looking, and appeared to be ancient. It didn’t seem special.

That was when Xu Xiaoshou remembered the white sword energy that he’d seen at Black Waterfalls. This scabbard was half-buried at the top of the cliff. Could those sword energies have come from this?


The sword energies had ceased appearing after some time. Was that because this girl had been trying to pull the scabbard out of the ground?

“That’s what it gets for slashing me 280000 times,” he thought. “It got what it deserved.”

Xu Xiaoshou’s gaze landed on the young woman on the ground.

She had a pretty face and a slim build. Her cheeks were flushed, most likely because of all the effort she’d been exerting to try and pull the scabbard out of the ground. Her white dress was soaked through with perspiration and was so closely stuck to her skin it was almost see-through.

“May I ask the lady for her name?” Xu Xiaoshou asked politely.

“Luo Leilei!”

Xu Xiaoshou could very clearly sense the near-imperceptible murderous vibes emanating from the young woman as soon as she gave him her name.

Were all youngsters so hotheaded nowadays? Did they have to be so rude when someone asked them for their name? Something must be terribly wrong with them.

Xu Xiaoshou spoke first. “You want to kill me.”

Luo Leilei was speechless.

For a second there, she nearly choked from panic.

The thought had crossed her mind, but how had he managed to glimpse that fleeting thought?

“Cursed, Passive Points +1.”

When she didn’t say anything, Xu Xiaoshou asked another question. “How old are you?”

“Cursed, Passive Points +1.”

“Who the h*ll asks for a lady’s age as soon as they come up to them? There must be something wrong with this guy!” she thought.

“How did you get here? Why are you here? And… put some clothes on!” Luo Leilei glanced at his muscles, which a

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