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The moon was hanging high in the sky.

The weather seemed to be getting cooler. The wind was blowing through the woods, and the moonlight looked cold.

Few would choose to lock their doors and head to bed early on such an idyllic night like tonight, where there was wind but no rain. Most would step out into their compounds to admire the view.

A black and a white figure flew to the mountains behind the council hall, looking like they were in a hurry.

“Are you sure Xu Xiaoshou really trespassed into the Inner Yard?” Zhao Shu still couldn’t quite believe what Yuan Tou had told him. He zipped past a few leaves on the ground, and a slight layer of ice formed on the ones his feet touched.

Yuan Tou’s sleeves were billowing in the air as the winds blew. He glanced at Zhao Shu and added, “Even if he didn’t trespass inside, the point is that he’s most probably inside the Inner Yard right now. My intel can’t possibly be wrong.

“Even if he was summoned to the Inner Yard in secret, his presence has yet to be announced, and both you and I didn’t know about it. As such, that counts as trespassing.

“Members of the 33 acted on their own accord and killed the wrong guy… this is the only chance you’ll get in the next three days. Are you telling me you’re going to let this opportunity pass you by?”

Yuan Tou then chuckled dismissively. “Do you really think he’s going to head outside the spirit palace just so you can kill him, eh?”

Zhao Shu was silent as he leapt about in the woods without slowing down for one bit. “Why are you telling me all this? Is there something between you and Xu Xiaoshou?”

“There’s nothing between him and I… Do you really think I’d have told you all this if that was the case?” Yuan Tou paused and recalled the message from Lan Xinzi. He then sighed and added, “But I’m not going to kill him.”

“You’re using me!”

“Indeed.” Yuan Tou, surprisingly, didn’t deny it. “If I were to do it, he would suffer grave injuries and be sent to the Tribunal at most, and his slot to enter the Tianxuan Gate would still remain, and you… would still stand no chance.”

Zhao Shu clenched his fists. He knew that his once-in-a-lifetime chance was at stake. The Tianxuan Gate was something that he’d waited three years to get a shot at, and he couldn’t afford to miss the opportunity again.

But then again, even if the excuse for it was righteous, he’d still be killing someone in the Inner Yard…

“Are you sure Xu Xiaoshou has no one backing him?”

“He has none.”

“You know that for sure?”

“I know indeed.”

Just to put Zhao Shu at ease, Yuan Tou then added, “Don’t you think if he did have someone backing him he would’ve gotten into the Inner Yard after becoming champion instead of still being stuck in the Outer Yard?”

Zhao Shu stopped moving all of a sudden. He focused his killing intent, and the ice beneath his feet spread all over the canopy of the tree he was standing on.

Yuan Tou stopped and doubl

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