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The judge looked melancholically up at the sky. This was the first time he had encountered such a difficult candidate.

The judge couldn’t stop him. Xu Xiaoshou was a candidate, after all. Even though it was a little crazy to want to fight a hundred people alone, it didn’t go against the rules of the competition.

However, if the judge didn’t stop him, he felt that this situation would devolve into a slapstick drama. Would the group-stage competition be reduced to a large-scale casino?


“So what do you think?”

The judge felt a little giddy when faced with Xu Xiaoshou’s question and the expectant gazes of the other people in the group. He didn’t know what to do with the black sword in his hand.

In the air, the chief judge, Xiao Qixiu, noticed what was happening in arena number 12.

He couldn’t help but notice what was going on. The rest of the participants had started battling in the other arenas. However, this arena was still silent, as though a class was in session.

One person was talking while a group of people listened…

Xiao Qixiu smiled and projected his voice over to the arena. “Good, a brazen youth! Agree with his request. Let him suffer a little.”

Now that the judge had approval from his superior, he immediately waved his hand and said, “Agreed. Continue the competition!”

A glimmer immediately appeared in the tall, muscular man’s eyes. He flew out of the crowd before anybody else could, his eyes greedy.

“I have a technique called the Hundred-Step Beast King Fist. Your sword is mine!”


The group behind him, who was still hesitating, suddenly became frustrated when they saw that someone had already taken the initiative to go after Xu Xiaoshou.

Indeed, the opportunity always goes to the person who seizes it first. What a waste of such a great sword. The sword had just sat collecting dust in Xu Xiaoshou’s hands, and now it was being wagered as a bet. It would fall in the hands of a pugilist now.

“Senior Liu, do you want to give it a try? Your Great Darkness Calamity Fist…” Zhou Zuo was a little tempted to take action. However, he knew where his strengths lay and didn’t dare to attack.


Liu Zhen hid within the crowd and shook his head slightly. “Even though I’ve also achieved a breakthrough, that Xu Xiaoshou seems to have transformed into something extraordinary. Let’s just observe the situation for the time being.”


Looking at the familiar scene, he remembered how Xu Xiaoshou had made the corpse collectors cower that day he’d come out of his seclusion. Had he really achieved such a great breakthrough after only undergoing one death seclusion?


“Got doubted. Passive Points +12.”


Xu Xiaoshou didn’t know what the crowd was thinking. He looked at the muscular man approaching him with raised fists. The man was laughing into the air, looking incredibly prideful.

“Haha, come!”

As soon as he said this, an illusory image of a tiger and an

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