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Xu Xiaoshou currently had five Passive Skills, three of which had reached the Innate-stage. The remaining two were at Level Six and could be leveled-up.

If he set aside 10000 Passive Points to have a reserve, he’d still have a whopping 38000 Passive Points that he could use.

He had obtained three Passive Keys when he got Eternal Vitality. Thus, Xu Xiaoshou purchased seven keys, intending to make ten consecutive draws with the wheel.

He put his palms together and silently prayed for good fortune.

The red wheel in the merchant interface was still covered in fog. Xu Xiaoshou placed the keys into the slot one by one.

He hesitated a moment, then decided to shout as usual, “RNGesus, bless me!”


Bad luck can be reversed with rituals!

This was something Xu Xiaoshou had always believed in.

The two attendants in the waiting room heard Xu Xiaoshou’s shout and looked at each other at the same time. “It’s here again!”

The two of them went to the corner, and one of them squatted while the other stood. They silently observed Xu Xiaoshou with looks of curiosity.

The squatting attendant hit the attendant above him with his head. “Go prepare the resuscitation equipment.”


“Wait, let me have a look too!”

“Quickly, what if something happens later?”

Xu Xiaoshou was squatting on the rest chair, and his gaze fell on the notification panel.

“Better luck next time!”

“One extra key!”

“Better luck next time!”

“Better luck next time!”

“Better luck next time!”

“Better luck next time!”

“Better luck next time!”

“Better luck next time!”

“One extra key!”

“Better luck next time!”


Behind the wall, the two attendants looked at Xu Xiaoshou, who seemed petrified in his praying state, fall headfirst onto the ground. They both looked like they’d expected this to happen.

The standing attendant immediately turned to retrieve the medicine and equipment, while the other attendant immediately rushed out. While he ran, he thought about whether mouth-to-mouth resuscitation was needed here or not.

Xu Xiaoshou, who had fallen to the ground, suddenly turned his head to look at them. “What are you doing?”

The two attendants pouted and slipped into a daze. The attendant who had put on heatproof gloves and had two bottles of medicine in his hands stopped in his tracks.

“You’re fine?” the two attendants exclaimed in shock.

“Hehe, why wouldn’t I be?”

Xu Xiaoshou laughed coldly. It was getting harder and harder to get anything from the system. He’d been prepared for this. At least this time he didn’t faint from shock.

He waved his arm at the two attendants and said, “You’re making a mountain out of a molehill. Go back first!”

“Oh, okay!”

The two attendants turned back to look at Xu Xiaoshou every three steps. “His body doesn’t seem warm today,” they whispered to each other. “So there’s probably no need to wear heatproof gloves.”


“Who kn

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