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“Darn it!”


When Xu Xiaoshou opened his eyes again, he found that everything had changed.


The only things he could see were a ceiling covered in spider webs, a small wooden table cloaked in dust, a candle stub that had been fully burnt, as well as a black sword that had a powerful spiritual aura.


This room’s décor was drastically different from that of his hospital ward.


Xu Xiaoshou tilted his head and searched his memory. He remembered that he had finally kicked the bucket after optimistically battling with his illness for three years.


The pain had ended. He had waved his hands and bade farewell to the heavens. However, he’d still felt indignant.

Why did other people have such vibrant lives, and yet he had to be confined to the hospital ward after nine years of compulsory education?


School and hospital. Those were painful words for people, yet those two things had taken up his entire life.


As for now…

He looked around at his foreign yet familiar surroundings, then pinched himself all over. However, he didn’t really feel any pain.


“Did God take pity on me? Did I cross over to another world without pain?”


Xu Xiaoshou shifted his gaze to the bronze mirror on the table and saw a new, yet just as handsome face.


He looked like an 18-year-old teenager with a pale complexion. He looked as though he hadn’t been in the sun for a long time. He had a tall nose that separated the few freckles on both sides of his face, and his lips were dry and cracked.


“Not bad. I’ll look better after I get a little tanner and eat a little more. Especially these few freckles…”


Xu Xiaoshou puckered his lips and rubbed the dead skin on his lips away. He searched back through his memories, trying to find out why he was so withered and scrawny.


This person had been an outer yard disciple of the Tiansang Spirit Palace. Unfortunately, he only had average talent. He had entered the spirit palace for three years, yet had only reached Level Three of the ten levels of spiritual cultivation. He had engaged in death seclusion for one month, determined to achieve a breakthrough to deal with the Windcloud Competition.


He’d rather die than not succeed!


In the end, he had died…


Xu Xiaoshou shook his head with pity. This person had known that he wouldn’t be able to break through to Level Four. He had been subjected to mockery and sarcasm these last three years and had gotten the heart to die.


He had only used the death seclusion this time as a reason and an excuse to follow through with his plan.

It was a different world and a different set of troubles. Xu Xiaoshou had been tortured physically, while this person had been ravaged mentally.


Both of their lives were pitiful.

“However, since I’ve been given this chance, I will never be defeated by the rumors and slander,” Xu X

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