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“Got shocked. Passive Points +1.”


Xu Xiaoshou abruptly sprang up, looked around, and realized that he was in the waiting area. He touched his face and looked indignantly at the attendant. “Why did you hit me?”

The attendant gave him an innocent look, and then gradually started to look confused.

Xu Xiaoshou looked at the attendant’s hand. “Oh, there’s no pill bottles?” he thought.

“It’s your turn to battle!” the attendant said coldly.

Only then did Xu Xiaoshou realize that he’d been dreaming before and embarrassedly walked out of the waiting area.

“Xu Xiaoshou, good luck!”

“Xu Xiaoshou, hang in there!”

“Xu Xiaoshou, champion!”

He was shocked by the crowd’s cheers. The moment he walked out of the waiting area, he saw the entire crowd standing and cheering for him.

He froze. Of course, some people had cheered for him in the past, but a lot of people had put him down too. “Why is everyone cheering so hard for me today?” he thought.

“They didn’t even sleep well…”

He didn’t know that his consecutive victories over the rank-seven Wen Chong and the rank-four Zhou Tianshen, as well as his Acquired-stage Sword Will and Innate-stage physical body, had made him the favorite to win the entire competition.

“Got encouraged. Passive Points +442.”

“Got cheered for. Passive Points +665.”


The notification panel in his mind constantly refreshed, and Xu Xiaoshou happily waved his hands and slowly made his way into the arena.

“Passive Points: 44820.”


“Passive Points: 45611.”

“Passive Points: 46002.”

Xu Xiaoshou was smiling so wide that his eyes had narrowed to slits. Even though the process of refining the Infernal Fire Seed last night was arduous, he’d been greatly rewarded for it in the last few hours. It had given him nearly 20000 Passive Points.

And his Passive Points were still rising.

“Xu Xiaoshou, walk faster!” Xiao Qixiu said in an unfriendly tone.

Xu Xiaoshou immediately quickened his footsteps, and when he entered the barrier, it was silent and peaceful.

He now had a good idea why a barrier was needed during the Windcloud Competition.

On the other side of the arena was a girl wearing a pale yellow dress who looked rather delicate. She had a tightly-combed head of hair, and the corners of her eyes were curved upward. She was wielding a soft bone whip and was striking it against the ground with every step she took. She looked extremely energetic.


Li Cenjing, Spiritual Cultivation Level Ten.

As usual, Xu Xiaoshou wanted to say something, but he didn’t expect the young lady to interrupt him. She said mischievously, “Giving up before the battle is a great disrespect to your opponent. Running away without battling…


“Oh, what comes after that…

“Forget it.”

Li Cenjing curled up her soft bone whip and tapped her head as she said, “Xu Xiaoshou, I’ve seen you battle. You are very impressive!

“Can I get your autogr

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