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“Xu Xiaoshou won?”

“Xu Xiaoshou won!”

The battle had ended. The barrier fell.

The loud cheers coming from the spectator seats startled Xu Xiaoshou. He turned around to take a look. “Wow, when did so many people come?” he thought.

“All of the outer yard disciples who were at the Chuyun Platform are here!”

Many junior disciples were in tears amongst the spectators. Xu Xiaoshou didn’t know what they were crying about and could only assume that they’d gone insane.

“Got doubted. Passive Points +324.”

“Got respected. Passive Points +1125.”


Xu Xiaoshou glanced at the notification panel and nearly fell to his knees in shock.

What was this?

He could understand the first wave of doubt that he’d received. After all, Xu Xiaoshou had become the champion of the group-stage competition even though his cultivation level was only Level Five. He would naturally be doubted to some extent.

Even though Liu Zhen and Zhou Zuo were also on the stage, anybody with eyes could tell that they had slacked off during the competition. That meant that Xu Xiaoshou was obviously the champion.

As for the “respect” he’d gotten after that…

He couldn’t really explain that!

Also, it seemed like it was the first time this had appeared on the notification panel.


Over a thousand Passive Points???

Xu Xiaoshou was dumbfounded.

He’d been fully concentrated on getting beaten up to earn more Passive Points and hadn’t realized that he’d become a determined individual who’d never give up before turning the tide and achieving glory in the eyes of the spectators!

After all, in the eyes of the people who’d come later, he was a living sandbag being beaten up by the other competitors.

Those people were beasts. How could they be so heavy-handed with him? Look at Xu Xiaoshou’s face. It was all green and purple…

Oh? Why were his injuries so minor?

The judge walked over with a tray in his hand, his face expressionless. The prize was a single ring.

Xu Xiaoshou raised an eyebrow. A space ring?


That was a valuable item. He’d never be able to afford such an item, even if he sold both his yard and his black sword.

He picked up the ring and pointed toward the judge’s trembling hand. He then said sincerely, “Thank you, but you need not be excited for me.”

The judge’s hands trembled even more when he heard this.

Do I seem excited? Holding this tray is the only thing keeping me from unleashing my fury.


The judge didn’t feel like he’d participated very much at all during the battle, other than interfering with a few battles, which made him feel a great deal of despair.

He’d wanted to do his job and fulfill his responsibilities well. However, he’d been forced to stand off to the side and do nothing.


Xu Xiaoshou had fooled him since the beginning. It was only after the battle had ended that he’d realized that Xu Xiaoshou had a darned Innate Stage physical body!

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