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In the air, Xiao Qixiu, who’d been observing arena number 12 from the start, smiled slightly.

The outer yard disciples this year were high-quality candidates. This was the third Innate Stage fighter he had discovered today.

This person had an Innate Stage physical body that was incredibly difficult to detect. That was really rare!

If not for the two faint consecutive Innate Stage auras that had appeared, even he would have been fooled by the young man called Xu Xiaoshou.

That lad really had… Um, a strange talent.


In the arena.

A group of people lost all rationality when they heard Xu Xiaoshou’s words.

A mere Spiritual Cultivation Level Five fighter dared to say such insolent words? Just because his body was strong without parallel didn’t mean his body had actually reached the Innate Stage.

“I can’t take it anymore. This lad is really asking for a beating!”

“It looks like just one person won’t satisfy him. Since that’s the case, let’s all join forces and send this limp prawn out of the arena!”


“Brothers, attack!”

Forty to fifty people pounced forward at the same time. Some of them had their fists raised, some carried swords, while some hid around and prepared to launch sneaky surprise attacks and manueverings…

Xu Xiaoshou looked at the forty to fifty murderous people in front of him and trembled. Their dark expressions were rather terrifying.

However, he steeled his nerves and charged forward. He roared furiously to boost his courage, “If you’re a man, use your fists. Those of you who are wielding swords, put them down if you have the guts!”

Boom, boom!

Mayhem instantly erupted, and Xu Xiaoshou was swarmed by a wave of people. Su Qianqian, who was in the spectator seats, let out a nervous squeal when she saw the scene, and she tightly grabbed onto Rao Yinyin’s rather short red dress.

“He’s quite daring!” Rao Yinyin observed Xu Xiaoshou being clobbered and laughed.

“Got attacked. Passive Points +14.”

“Got attacked. Passive Points +16.”


The notification panel got updated once again. Xu Xiaoshou charged into the crowd and took on countless punches with his body. He used his fists to sweep the people wielding swords to the side and kicked them out of the arena.

He didn’t want to fight anyone using blades, swords, or daggers…

“F***,” he thought. “There are even people using silver needles?”


“Get out of the arena, all of you!

“In my arena, we fight to the death with our fists!


“I can endure thousands of punches, but even an Innate-stage physical body will bleed when slashed by a spiritual weapon, even if it’s one without a grade.

“So all of you are fated to leave the arena!”

Xu Xiaoshou cleared the arena and expanded the battlefield. At the same time, he experimented with different poses so that he could receive even more punches at the same time.


A human body’s surface area was rather limited. Even if

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