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At the Chuyun Platform.

Two days ago, the platform had been crowded with people and there’d been next to no one in the spectator seats. Today was the complete opposite.

The eighteen arenas were still present on the platform. Every seat behind the arenas was occupied. The people in these seats were those who’d been eliminated during the group-stage competition.

Only 180 out of over 1700 people had been able to advance to the preliminaries.


An over 90% elimination rate was definitely high!


Xiao Qixiu was still the one standing in the air above the main arena with his sword behind his back. The chief judge made a downward motion with his hands, and the rowdy crowd immediately became quiet.


He calmly took out a piece of paper from within his robes and slowly recited:

“Congratulations to you 180 brave warriors for being able to emerge victorious during the group-stage competition and enter the preliminaries.

“The preliminaries this year will still be held in these 18 arenas. The champions of the respective groups will be the master of the arena. Lots will be drawn to determine the opponent they’ll be paired with.”

He took out a blue array token and injected his spiritual source. The array token trembled.

In an instant, a large screen appeared above each of the eighteen arenas. The pairing of the competitors would be done through these screens.

The crowd became rowdy once again. Xiao Qixiu signaled for them to remain quiet. He still had something to say.

“There are only 64 open slots during the preliminaries. Before the slots are filled up, anybody who can achieve three consecutive victories will advance through the preliminaries.

“Everyone will have two chances to challenge the person in the arena. That includes the master of the arena.

“Of course, you can start preparing for next year’s competition if you face off against a seeded candidate both times. Alternatively, you can pack up your belongings and leave.”

Xiao Qixiu chuckled. He folded the piece of paper and tucked it back into his robes.

“The competition starts now!”

The spectators became excited the moment the announcement was made.

Compared to the enormous amount of pressure they’d felt before, the spectators who had now dropped out of the competition were all incredibly excited. They cheered on the candidate they were rooting for.

“Do your best, First Senior!”

“Senior Chao, you have to eliminate First Senior and take first place this year!”

“Xu Xiaoshou, hang in there!”

“Ahhhh Zhou Zuo, fight for a name for us useless fighters! I love you!”


In the arena, Zhou Zuo was trembling. He could feel his legs shake even though he was just standing there. He’d finally realized that he had gotten through to the preliminaries by doing nothing. It wasn’t a great feeling.

He looked around him. Everyone around him had cultivation levels of Level Eight, Level Nine, or even Level Ten.

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