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In the arena.

After using the Snow Traversing Technique to shift his position, Zhao Qingteng didn’t stop at all. While Xu Xiaoshou was speaking, he crossed his palms and instantly made a dozen hand gestures.


Xu Xiaoshou immediately felt that the situation had taken a turn for the worse.

It was undoubtedly a powerful attack. Zhao Qingteng had taken advantage of the split second he was distracted.

“Liu Zhen, I’ve disappointed you. I’ve committed the grave taboo of underestimating my opponent!” he thought.

He immediately flew forward. Unfortunately, they were too far apart for him to close in on his opponent in time.

Xu Xiaoshou took a whiff of a spirit crystal and recovered a little of his spiritual strength. Then, he gracefully slashed his sword outward.


Sword Web Style!

Zhao Qingteng disregarded the sudden assault of the sword web and shot his blood palm toward the air.

“Formless Great Cold!”

He only picked up his Ice Stream Sword to defend against the sword web after he was done doing this.

Zhao Qingteng’s flesh got cut open amidst the barrage of attacks.

Xu Xiaoshou couldn’t even imagine just how terrifying the attack Zhao Qingteng wanted to complete even at the risk of death was. A second later, the snow within his Sense was awakened by the spiritual seal in the air, and they slowly rose into the air.


The crowd rubbed their eyes. There’d already been a thick layer of accumulation on the ground, but now the inside of the barrier had become completely white after the snow was awakened. They couldn’t even see the figures inside the arena.

“Chi!” Zhao Qingteng cried out, and the sword aura in the area sliced through the air.

In that instant, every snowflake exploded with a stern sword aura, as though tens of thousands of swords had risen into the air.

Xu Xiaoshou was dumbfounded. This Zhao Qingteng was vicious!

As it turned out, Zhao Qingteng had caused the falling snow at the start not only to facilitate his Snow Traversing Technique, but also lay the foundation for this Formless Great Cold.

The entire sky was covered with snowflakes that contained sword aura. With Zhao Qingteng’s command, the snowflakes intertwined and created a boundless sword glow within the barrier.

Not only did the attack instantly crumble Xu Xiaoshou’s barrier, but it even penetrated his Innate-stage physical body.

Xiao Qixiu’s expression turned grave. Even though this terrifying Innate-stage spiritual technique was called the Formless Great Cold, every piece of falling snow had taken the form of a lethal sword with the intention of killing him!


Would Xu Xiaoshou be able to survive against this technique?


The crowd suddenly saw blood spraying outward at a point within the snowy-white barrier.

That was where Xu Xiaoshou was!

Xu Xiaoshou clenched his teeth tightly. He’d even closed his eyes. If he hadn’t, even his eyeballs would’ve been pierced

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