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Everyone in the arena gasped.

“He really just used one punch and one palm!”

“Why do I feel so bad for Zhang Fei? But it is a little funny. He used all his effort to get into the top 64, but in the end…”


“It’s undeniably funny. But this Xu Xiaoshou might be a little too powerful. He’s almost as strong as the people ranked first and second on the scoreboard!”

“After seeing this, can’t you tell that this person might really have an Innate-stage physical body!?”

“Innate-stage physical body?”

“I don’t know. Someone analyzed the situation a few days ago and said that the probability of that being true is 70%. Now that we just saw that punch and palm, I would think that probability has increased to 90%.”

Many people fell silent after hearing this. An Innate-stage physical body was extremely difficult to cultivate, and a person’s efforts might not even yield any results, yet someone had managed to obtain an Innate-stage physical body?

“Maybe it’s because Xu Xiaoshou took drugs? Look at the scorching heatwave radiating from his body. He’s already requested to be barred from the competition. Why isn’t the judge doing anything about it?” some people protested out of jealousy, and their words naturally reached Xiao Qixiu’s ears.

He disregarded them. He didn’t even care to explain himself.

Everyone has their opportunities. Was there a rule against mastering a powerful technique before the competition?

Even if there was such a rule, were they going to prohibit someone from training before the competition, achieving a breakthrough during the competition, or improving after reflecting on the competition?

This was the case for Xu Xiaoshou. The Infernal Fire Seed that Elder Sang had given him couldn’t even be regarded as an opportunity, as his body might be destroyed if things went wrong.

You can obtain an Innate-stage physical body if you have the ability, but someone might use you as the subject for their experiment.

Xu Xiaoshou ignored his surroundings and walked back to the waiting area. The competition continued. Thirty-two people out of the original 64 would be advancing. There were still many battles to go. He had more than enough time to rest.

While he sniffed at the Red Gold Pill, he paid attention to his notification panel and couldn’t help but be elated.

“Got respected. Passive Points +142.”

“Got envied. Passive Points +874.”

“Got mocked. Passive Points +113.”

“Got attacked. Passive Points +1.”

The notifications told him about the emotions he had stirred up rather than the Passive Points he’d gained!

“Listen, so many people in the spectator seats are saying good things about me!” he thought. “Look, so many people are secretly envious of me. Tsk tsk!”

Xu Xiaoshou glanced down the notifications.

“Passive Points: 42888.”



He hit his head on the railing, and a wave of mocking laughter came from the spectator seats. The number of Passive

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