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The judge couldn’t do anything about the strange candidate at his feet. All he could do was wave his hand and say, “Battle, start!”


Liu Zhen raised his fists and charged toward the judge, much to the shock of Xu Xiaoshou.

Xu Xiaoshou immediately let go of the judge’s leg. He’d be breaking the rules if he was still messing with the judge after the battle started.

He collected himself. He had to be more cautious when facing a Level Ten fighter.

Liu Zhen wasn’t as weak as the other candidates in the group-stage competition. Level Ten was already half a step into the Innate Stage, so he couldn’t afford to take this battle lightly.

However, even though Xu Xiaoshou hurriedly retaliated against the black-colored fists that rained a flurry of punches down on him, he wasn’t able to defend himself against a single punch and was reduced to being a human sandbag once again.

Boom, boom…

The familiar sounds rang out again. The people in the spectator seats couldn’t sit still.

“He’s appeared! Sandbag Xu!”


“He must be sick in the head. He insists on having a brawl every time, but when it’s time to fight, he takes his opponent’s punches to the face.”

“It doesn’t look like that Xu Xiaoshou really knows any fist techniques. Liu Zhen is more powerful than him!”

Xu Xiaoshou secretly thought that things weren’t looking good. Liu Zhen had dropped all of his pretenses at this time. As he repeatedly got punched, he felt that his body wouldn’t be able to hold out much longer.

“What kind of fist technique is this?” he thought.

“It’s capable of causing an Innate-stage physical body this much pain?”

Xu Xiaoshou could only guard his vital areas as he was blasted back by Liu Zhen one step at a time.

“Got attacked. Passive Points +2.”

“Got attacked. Passive Points +2.”

“Got attacked. Passive Points +2.”

“What’s going on?” he thought.

“I’m only getting two Passive Points for every punch I take? That doesn’t make sense!”


Xu Xiaoshou became more startled the more he was hit. The notification panel never made mistakes. Not only was Liu Zhen’s fist technique never-ending, but his every punch inflicted double the damage.

He closely examined his body, and sure enough, he found that each of Liu Zhen’s punches had secretly left a trace of black energy in his body.

What a sneaky fist technique!

He didn’t know what the energy could do. However, it must have some hidden effect if Liu Zhen was secretly leaving it in his body.

Xu Xiaoshou became anxious when he saw that he was about to be blasted out of the arena.

He’d been careless this time!

He should have immediately pulled out his sword. Then he might’ve had a fighting chance. Now that he was being bombarded with punches, he couldn’t even take out his sword from within his ring.

“Liu Zhen, give me a chance!” Xu Xiaoshou said sincerely.

However, Liu Zhen didn’t say anything, instead punching Xu Xiaoshou mo

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