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Xu Xiaoshou was washing his hands.

If he hadn’t clasped a hand to his mouth at the critical moment, he would’ve had his first kiss in this life.


“Got cursed. Passive Points +2.”

“Got cursed. Passive Points +2.”

The two attendants were grabbing their bellies and rolling around on the ground in pain. They’d both been kicked by Xu Xiaoshou, and it definitely did not feel good.

Of course, these two people, whose bright idea had been to bring a ladder over to try and save him, had limited cultivation levels, so Xu Xiaoshou knew to hold back.


At this moment, an explosion was heard from the main arena. A spiritual tree had crashed through the barrier and was growing toward the sky. It tossed a muscular figure out of the arena.


“The battle is over, Mu Zixi is victorious!”

The crowd was in an uproar. The sudden rapid growth of a spiritual tree had shocked them.

“Oh! My honey, that’s too incredible! Inn… Innate?”


“To think that Junior Mu is also an Innate-stage fighter. She’s only been in the spirit palace for a year, right? And these are the abilities of someone who’s just entered the Windcloud Competition for the first time?”

“Genius… No, demon!”

“Ren Chong is so pitiful. He’s Level Ten and has a Lesser Forged Body, but can only end his journey in the top eight.”

“It’s so tall, he must’ve been sent flying ten meters up… Oh f***, Ren Chong is falling. There’s someone on the ground right where he’s going to fall. Is that… Xu Xiaoshou?”



Xu Xiaoshou was gently rubbing the back of his palm to get rid of the stains when a black dot suddenly barged into his mind that… seemed to be coming from the sky?

“What’s going on?” he thought.

To think that it destroyed the mini barrier around the waiting room!

“Got ambushed. Passive Points +1.”

Xu Xiaoshou cackled. He was no longer the Xu Xiaoshou of the past.

With a backhand grab, Xu Xiaoshou grabbed onto something that felt like a watermelon. It was also a little spiky. He took a closer look at what he’d caught…


Oh f***!

It was a human head!

Xu Xiaoshou was startled. He quickly loosened his grip and reflexively struck it with his knee.


A dull thud rang out, and Ren Chong was once again sent flying high up into the air. This time, Xu Xiaoshou had forgotten to hold back and might have even used more force because of his shock.

The crowd helplessly looked on as Ren Chong fell from heaven to hell, then from hell back to the mortal world before slamming onto the ground and spitting out a mouthful of blood. The crowd burst out laughing.

“Haha, I can’t take it anymore. Why did Ren Chong run into Xu Xiaoshou of all people? What kind of sins did he commit in the past? Xu Xiaoshou has an Innate-stage physical body. Wouldn’t getting kneed by Xu Xiaoshou break all of his ribs?”


“What a pitiful man. He was beaten up twice in one battle.”

“Xu Xiaosho

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