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Half of his body felt like it was frozen in a vault of ice, while the other half felt like it was being dipped into a volcano.

Comfort and pain assaulted him at the same time. While his body was being destroyed by the scorching energy, it was doubly restored by the effects of the Red Gold Pill and Eternal Vitality.

The extreme energy of fire and ice intertwined as they entered his body. Xu Xiaoshou, who was merely the vessel of the energy, could only feel pain.




Xu Xiaoshou’s teeth chattered. He had completely lost control over the energies. In fact, he could no longer control the Breathing Technique.

The energies that were coursing within his body tore past his meridians and instantly entered his energy reserve. His energy reserve sizzled, threatening to rip apart. The pain was enough to make a person go insane.

There was a charred smell in the surroundings. The grass Xu Xiaoshou was sitting on instantly died from the heat. Around him, the willow trees gradually changed from a tender green to yellow, then black, and the white jade railings around the lake were covered in a layer of soot.

The plump geese ran around in fright, as if the water in the lake was about to cook them alive.

In Xu Xiaoshou’s body, the scorching energy wanted to continue rampaging after it entered his energy reserves. However, the forceful activation of the Breathing Technique suppressed the scorching energy right after it had started burning again.

Xu Xiaoshou took out another Red Gold Pill and took a deep breath. The high instantly suppressed his pain and quickly repaired his ravaged body.



A red and gold ripple spread out into the surroundings, and the mud and grass around him were sent flying into the air. The willow trees bent and snapped, and some segments of the white jade railings exploded.

Gurgle, gurgle.

The water of Goose Lake was almost boiling. Bubbles rose to the surface, and dead fishes floated to the surface. The plump geese that had escaped the crisis gathered at a faraway corner, shivering.

The old man wearing a straw hat flew into the air and quickly dived into Goose Lake.

Xu Xiaoshou opened his eyes. Cold sweat mixed with his blood was dripping down his body. He couldn’t help but pat on his chest.

“I survived…?”

The Infernal Fire Seed had become much smaller with his one breath, and his cultivation level had also increased considerably from his original Spiritual Cultivation Level Seven.

The scorching energy had been suppressed, and the injuries in his body were recovering at a visible rate. Xu Xiaoshou felt numb and limp.

The terrifying regenerative capabilities of Eternal Vitality and the Red Gold Pill that the Red Gold Pill absorbed were being displayed to their fullest.


Xu Xiaoshou wiped off his blood and sweat and noticed that other than his haggard expression and drained energy, his condition was no different from that of an

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