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Chapter 229: Big Game


A gritty voice came from behind him before he could release all the fire seeds conjured in both his hands.

Xu Xiaoshou turned around.

It was Zhao Xidong!

“Oh, why are you here?” Xu Xiaoshou asked, looking surprised.

“Why should I not be here, huh? Is it because you intend to stuff a few more law enforcers into the ground before I show up?”

Zhao Xidong was fuming as he angrily pointed to the two “carrots” planted into the ground. The ones who got stuffed into the soil felt so embarrassed that they felt like digging a deeper hole to hide their heads inside as well.

It was simply too embarrassing for the two law enforcers.

Xu Xiaoshou quashed the raging energies on his hand. If Zhao Xidong was already there, then there was no way he could carry out his plan any further.

“Oh, them? They wanted to be stuck inside, so I just helped to speed up the process.” He looked at the two men planted in the ground and asked, “Right?”


The two men looked truly baffled, wondering who would have asked anyone to do that.

Now that Zhao Xidong had arrived, they were thinking of telling on Xu Xiaoshou. But after some consideration, they realized that Zhao Xidong could not be there every day.

However, Xu Xiaoshou was actually around them every day.

The two of them hesitated for quite a while.

Zhao Xidong became even more furious after noticing that the two men had chosen not to say anything at all. He then pointed at Lan Xinzi, who was behind Xu Xiaoshou. He asked, “What the hell is with her then?”

Despite what Zhao Xidong just said, he was rather shocked to see her there.

Lan Xinzhi was not someone who had been in her position for no reason. Throughout his years in the Spirit Palace, it was the first time he had seen the woman in such a haggard and disheveled state appearing before him.


Xu Xiaoshou turned around and saw Lan Xinzhi. She was already popping meds by then. He sighed and said, “She wanted to kill me. So, I was doing what I did out of self-defense.”

Lan Xinzhi immediately froze on the spot.

: Cursed, Passive Points +1.

Zhao Xidong burst out in a rage.

“So you retaliated in self-defense, eh? Do you mean to say that even the law enforcers had caused you to have to defend yourself then? What the hell is with the cauldron, huh?” Zhao Xidong pointed to the bathtub at Xu Xiaoshou’s side.


Xu Xiaoshou looked stunned, not believing that Zhao Xidong could tell that the tub was indeed a cauldron.

Well, he had probably met Elder Sang before.

Xu Xiaoshou puffed out his chest and replied, “Well, you have said it yourself. It is a cauldron. So, I am undoubtedly doing alchemy with it. What? You think I could bash someone with this thing?”

The two stuck in the ground continued to look confused.

: Cursed, Passive Points +1.

The crowd almost burst out laughing because his explanation and his

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