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Chapter 256: Greedy Deity is Missing

The cold wind was blowing, and people were shivering.

In the wilderness, a man and a woman were in a pile of ragged grass.

Both of them wore gray robes. The man was plain, and there was not much to say about him.

On the other hand, the woman had an attractive body shape. The loose robe looked tight on her body. It was simply captivating.

“Where is Greedy the Cat Spirit?”

The woman asked with a grave expression on her face. She was holding a turquoise spirit flower in her hand.

If Xu Xiaoshou were there, he would be able to tell that it was the Innate spirit medicine of the highest level, the Eyes of Flying Snake.

It was an odd spiritual medicine that had both super toxic and majestic vitality at the same time. It could kill one person if it was used properly, but it could kill two people if it was used improperly.

The woman stepped on the head of a green python that was dozens of feet long.

The python was dead, so the spiritual medicine was snatched from the python that had guarded it.

The gray-robed man was trembling from head to toe. He seemed to have lost his senses.

“Greedy the Cat Spirit is gone.”

“You’re an idiot!”

The woman opened her eyes wide. She angrily lifted the hem of her robe, revealing a pair of amazingly elastic long legs. With a bang, a sweeping leg knocked the man backward several dozens of feet. His head was bleeding.

“Where’s the Shengxuan Pill? Didn’t I tell you to feed it every once in a while?” She sounded irritable.

“There were not enough Shengxuan Pills.”

The man cowered while covering his bleeding head with his hands. The injury had healed on its own as he stood up.

He explained, ” Greedy the Cat Spirit has a big appetite. The supply of Shengxuan Pills was low soon after you left.”


A flash of snowy white zoomed in front of his eyes. The man was once again knocked to the ground.

“Idiot, idiot, idiot!”

The woman cursed angrily nonstop, pacing back and forth.

She knew that Greedy the Cat Spirit had a big appetite, but she had just come over.

Looking at the Eye of Flying Snake in her hand, she fell silent.

She wondered whether Greedy the Cat Spirit would have left if she had arrived a bit earlier.

“Where did it go?” the woman asked.

“I don’t know,” the man replied coyly. Looking at the woman with a pale face and on the verge of kicking again, the man said while covering his head, “Maybe it got in the city.”

“Got in the city?”

The man was so scared when he heard the high-pitched voice that he squatted down while covering his head with his hands. The woman asked incredulously, “Are you sure?”

“I’m not sure, but it’s very likely.”


The woman lifted a long leg in the air but didn’t let it fall. Instead, she asked, “Which city did it get in?”

The man felt relieved and let his guard down.

“Tiansang City.”


Bang! Bang! Bang!


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