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Chapter 224: Could We Fix This?

“Huh, bragging again!”

The look in Cheng Xingchu’s eyes glinted dangerously. He might be far weaker in a duel with Sword Will, but things would be very different if he were to make use of his spiritual source.

Cheng Xingchu felt that if he were still to lose using his spiritual source, he might as well kill himself by smashing against a block of tofu!

His finger unconsciously traced lightly over the piece of jade tucked in his waist.

After Lei Shuangxing smashed through a piece the other day, Cheng Xingchu was down to his last jade piece.

Just how could Xu Xiaoshou get to the Master level from Origin Court Stage, eh?

Cheng Xingchu found it hard to believe.

“If you are letting me go first, do note that I will not be pulling my punches.”

He was not in the mood to chat any further with someone as pompous as Xu Xiaoshou. He gathered his might and burst into action.

The rage of his spiritual source at the peak of the Upper Spiritual Level finally manifested and made itself known. For such power capable of fighting toe-to-toe with the veteran 33. Instantly, it caused the surrounding space to tremble.

The first of the three levels in Master levels was the Astronomical Level.

Spiritual cultivators could gradually touch the Great Path by studying the path through their innate powers. It would then allow them to use the powers of the laws of the world.

It would be a sign that they were getting into the realm of Master levels.

The surrounding space shook as soon as Cheng Xingchu made his move. His movements clearly showed that he had touched the threshold of Master level.

The people of the Spirit Palace had concerned expressions on their faces.

For the man was someone who came from the Holy Divine Temple. While his attitude and mindset needed further restraint, there was no doubting the strength of his powers.

All of them turned to look at Xu Xiaoshou, waiting to see how he would negotiate the attack.

Naturally, Xu Xiaoshou did not intend to underestimate what was coming. He was in his most serious frame of mind and wanted to take on the attack with his full powers.

But his powers did not allow him to do so.

He had nothing but passive skills. And it was infuriating, given that there was nothing to activate.

Besides, he had little defensive spiritual techniques and spiritual weapons. The most he could do was to mobilize his spiritual source to erect a barrier.

So, other than striking a Wing Chun stance, he did nothing else to prepare.

“Come on!”

Everyone was dumbfounded, wondering why he acted so indifferent when his opponent was coming at him with a force almost as powerful as that of the Master level.

Did he have a death wish or something?

What good would the pose do for him?

Come on, go all out!

Fight with all you have got!

: Doubted, Passive Points +5.

Strangely, Cheng Xingchu was greatly disturbed by

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