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Chapter 258: Wrapped Fire Seed!

“Xu Xiaoshou?”

When the young man took off his conical hat and showed the familiar face, Li Seven suddenly recognized him.

This young man was nobody but Xu Xiaoshou.

He stared incredulously at Xu with gritted teeth. He subconsciously turned his head in the direction of the spiritual array in the black street.

He wondered how someone at Origin Court Level could walk out of his Master level Big Fence Illusionary Array.

Recalling the casual appearance and behavior of the young man, Li Seven couldn’t help but feel baffled.

He had believed that this lad was not simple, but he didn’t expect him to dismantle his Big Fence Illusionary Array so easily. He wondered if this lad was also a master of spiritual arrays.

Xu Xiaoshou was, of course, not a spiritual array master.

The reason he could dismantle the illusionary array was that he relied on his amazing passive technique: perception.

In fact, Xu Xiaoshou was a bit panicked after coming out of the back door the moment he found out that his spiritual thought was trapped, and he was lost.

Soon after, the double images appeared in his mind, which were the same as the scene in which he peeped at the woman.

Well, in short, it was similar to the scene in which he saw Rao Yinyin come out from her bath.

He followed the second layer of the image and walked out of the array.

The shock of facing each other above the table had almost frozen the air. The wine sprayed by Xu Xiaoshou was dripping down from Li Seven’s face.

With a snapping sound, Li Seven came back to his senses.


It was already too late. All Xu Xiaoshou needed was such a fleeting moment.

He pulled out the Hidden Bitter and swung at Li Seven’s head.

In a moment of lightning, heaven and earth seemed to have frozen for an instant. By the time Xu Xiaoshou wielded his sword through, he discovered that Li Seven had instantly jumped backward.

“A Master?”

Xu Xiaoshou narrowed his eyes and wondered, “Heavenly Image State?”

The different sense of time earlier was clearly help from heaven and earth. If that hadn’t happened, Li Seven would have been beheaded.

Li Seven had to be a swordsman at the Master level since he could rely on the force of heaven and earth.

Zhang Xinxiong, as a Master of one breath, was killed by Aje. He didn’t show any power of a Master.

Judging by the blow and reaction, Xu Xiaoshou realized the great difference between the swordsmen at the Master level and Innate.

It was impossible for an Innate, without such a different sense of time, to turn the tide of the combat during the critical moment of a life-and-death fight.

Xu Xiaoshou brought back his sword silently and asked with a smile, “Brother Li, why did you jump backward? I just wanted to wipe the wine off you, but I got the wrong item for it.”

He took out gauze from his ring and beckoned, “Come here!”

Li Severn had weak knees at th

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