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Chapter 303: The Pill Pagoda Was an Ominous Place Today

Meanwhile, in another alchemy room…

Mu Zixi was staring at the alchemy cauldron in front of her. Her first choice was also to make a Red Gold Pill.

Her technique and method were adequate and passable, and she did not make mistakes at all.

Relying on her strong intuition of the wood element, she could grasp the best medicinal properties of the ingredients. From refining the elixir to condensing the pills, every single step was in order.

It was a smooth alchemy practice.

Not surprisingly, this process produced a cauldron of excellent quality magic pills.

However, President Shi Ti frowned.

There was naturally nothing wrong with her alchemy process. However, the technique this little girl used to condense the magic pills was very problematic.

Wasn’t she the successor of Elder Sang?

Why was her alchemy technique so rigid?

It had to be wrong.

Since Old Man Sang was looking for a successor, how could he not pass on his Infernal Heavens alchemy technique knowledge to this apprentice?

Moreover, if he did not intend to pass on his Infernal Heavens alchemy technique knowledge, why had he waited so long and invested so much effort in training so many prodigies?

Shi Ti could not be more puzzled.

He had every intention of revisiting the alchemy of the infernal lineage and experiencing its overbearing power, but he never thought that this little girl would fail to surprise him.

“Could it be… Is the Red Gold Pill too simple and not worth the effort to reveal the existence of alchemy of the infernal lineage?”

Shi Ti thought of this possibility.

He was a little speechless when it came to Elder Sang.

That lousy old man was indeed wicked.

If he did not intend to reveal his precious apprentice, why did he bother bringing a letter to see him directly?

Now that the individual and her identity were exposed, what else was there to hide and conceal?

‘How disheartening!’

Shi Ti was deeply offended. He likened this behavior to that lousy old man’s ability to irritate others.

He did not give it further thought and continued to observe Mu Zixi’s alchemy.

It was a feast for the eyes.

Even if she didn’t use the Infernal Heavenly alchemy technique, this little girl was a prodigy.

In the tenth-grade alchemy examination, there were not many people who could reach this step.

It would not come as a surprise if this girl could take the ninth-grade examination later.

‘What a treasure!’

Shi Ti’s eyes glittered in excitement, and a strong yearning filled his heart. No matter if it were people or objects, as long as Elder Sang approved of them, he wanted to seize them for himself.

‘I’ll have to wait until the end first…’

As he thought, the process of alchemy had come to an end.

Mu Zixi shook her head and focused her spirits. She was about to condense her magic pill.




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