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Chapter 228: Frenzy

Xu Xiaoshou looked quite stunned. In a dazed manner, he asked, “Why are you telling me all this?”

“Why? Hehehe… why?”

Lan Xinzi’s shoulder could not stop shaking, and she appeared unable to contain her crazy laugh.

Such a childish question?


Were there so many “whys” around this world?

Why did you not ask why I was born a servant, eh?

Why did I not dare to kill the kid from the Zhao family who dared to laugh at me, even though I became one of the Inner Yard Thirty-three, eh?

Why did I get to where I am now, something I could only dream of in the past, but still failed to get what I wish for?

The Spirit Palace—it was just like how Zhao Qingteng put it, had now become a prison for her.


Lan Xinzi suddenly walked up to Xu Xiaoshou and lifted his chin. In a chilling tone, she said, “You tell me why I am telling you all of this, then.”

Her emotional state instantly took a turn for the worse, and she howled in a shrilled voice. “Someone who’s been caged can only remain silent and has no right to ask why!”

The surrounding atmosphere changed drastically the minute she uttered those words. The sound of rumbling came from above.

A storm was brewing, and Lan Xinzi no longer bothered hiding anything. Her raging spiritual source burst from her energy reserve, surging into her right hand, which held Xu Xiaoshou’s chin.

From the moment she saw Xu Xiaoshou, she wanted to strike him down in the Spirit Palace.

The rules of the Inner Yard prohibited it. But she did not care.


There was another faint rumble in the air, and it halted the spiritual source that had caused the weather to change.

Everything suddenly froze at that moment.

A blood-stained black sword plunged through Lan Xinzi’s chest and was sticking out her back. It drew itself out again from her body and then moved back to strike her once more.


More blood splattered as the sword went right through her torso for the second time.

Xu Xiaoshou behaved casually and pushed her hand off his chin before taking a step back.

“You are sick.”

To everyone around them, the remarkably calm voice sounded like it came from a grim reaper.

Lan Xinzi looked down at her body and could not believe what just happened.

The bloody hole in her chest was the size of two fists. It was a solid testament of why she was not the only one who wanted to kill Xu Xiaoshou when she first saw him.

He was trying to do the same to her.

She wondered what made him dare to make a move in the presence of everyone there.

She wondered how he broke through her defense so effortlessly.

Despite not having much of any defensive measures, she was still at the Upper Spiritual Stage. She was at the peak level.

The crowd immediately went crazy.

In the beginning, everyone thought the two were only teasing each other. Then the crowd saw Lan Xinzi’s movements becoming increasingly er

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