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Chapter 223: A Bet with Severely Restrictive Rules

Ye Xiaotian tilted his head to look at Xu Xiaoshou, and said, “Like its namesake, this Origin Residence got abrogated.”

For some reason, the world within this Origin Residence lost all rules for sustaining life. With the loss of its life source, even if you were to unravel the seal on the stone, you would merely get a space ring with a larger space.”

This thing is not even worth a ninth-grade Spirit Sword. How do you suppose it could be worth trading with a fifth-grade item?”

Xu Xiaoshou remained somewhat intrigued. Honestly, he did not care for the fifth-grade Spirit Sword. The way he looked at it, his Hiding Pain was already enough for him.

The Origin Residence fascinated him. He wondered if he could restore the piece of trash into an article of treasure.

“There is nothing absolute in this world. So, there are ways to repair it, right?” Xu Xiaoshou asked.

“It is indeed reparable, but the cost might be very steep.”

“You need a Grandmaster versed in space-type spiritual arrays. Then you have to get the unparalleled treasure of life type. If you are lucky enough, you may have the chance to get it repaired.”

Ye Xiaotian sighed. While he and Qiao Qianzhi could both do something about the space part, he could not help with the life-type treasure.

There was such a kind of treasure in the Spirit Palace. But it was inside the Tianxuan Gate with the Sky Tree. It meant that there was no easy way to extract it for such use.

There was little they could do now after that world ended up collapsing.

Anyway, they could not simply hand it to Xu Xiaoshou even if they could extract that piece of treasure.

Unfortunately, the Abrogated Origin Residence was nothing more than a white elephant.

Xu Xiaoshou became increasingly enthusiastic as he heard them all. Space, Grandmaster, and a treasure of life.

All three were available to him.

He almost fished out the Spirit Mark of Life from his robe in his excitement. He wanted to ask those two other living, walking treasures seated before him if Spirit Mark of Life could be of any use.

However, his common sense suppressed his impulse.

“Are you kidding me? You are toying with me with this piece of trash?” Xu Xiaoshou said, pretending to sound displeased.

Cheng Xingchu sheepishly scratched his head. He looked a little deflated as soon as his trickery was exposed. But he quickly recovered and continued to speak.

“Does the Spirit Palace not have someone at Sovereign Stage with space powers and a Grandmaster at spiritual arrays?”

He gestured at the two seated at the prominent seats and said, “You already got two prerequisites at hand. You only need to get some life-type treasure to work with it. You might ultimately see miracles happening.”

“Who are you trying to dupe here? You offer an Origin Residence that is already a piece of trash. And then, you want me to look for resources to fix it

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