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Chapter 255: Sniffing the Sword to Find Someone

Plenty Gold Company, main entrance…

“Put it on!”

Xu Xiaoshou placed a conical hat onto Mu Zixi’s head.

The item was just the right size for himself, but it was too big for Mu Zixi.

It looked like the little girl was wearing a big helmet. Fortunately, Mu Zixi was really amiable, so she looked cute in a different way.

If it were someone else wearing such a big hat, they would look rather ridiculous.

Seeing her senior brother grin while squatting down and looking at her, Mu Zixi asked with a red face, “What is this thing? It’s too ugly. I don’t want to wear it!”

She had seen Elder Sang wearing it, but it was not her style of hat.

Since she was wearing a vibrant turquoise light dress, she looked like someone who was about to go to the field and farm when she put on that hat.

“Put it on first. Someone wants to kill me, so we can’t let them see our faces.”

Mu Zixi was baffled, wondering, “How can this thing conceal anything?”

“Everything will be detected after sweeping with the spiritual thoughts.”

Xu Xiaoshou knew what she was thinking. He shrugged and said, “You do not understand. In fact, in the outside world, even an ordinary conical hat will help. Who dares to use spiritual thoughts to sweep others? In so doing, more bloodshed might occur. like that famous incident!”

“What famous incident?”

“You do not understand.”

Xu Xiaoshou pressed down the conical hat on the little girl’s head to straighten himself up.

Cursed, passive point, 1.

“Wait for me here, I’ll go and find the assassin.” Xu Xiaoshou left after having said that. “If you have any problem, go and hide in Plenty Gold Company. They won’t dare to make trouble there.”

Mu Zixi recalled the blood-red dragon dancing violently in the sky earlier while caressing the purple crystal ball and thought there was really an assassin.

But how did Xu Xiaoshou know about it? And he also knew where the assassins were.

Those assassins had taken the initiative to find him.

What if the opponent was a killer at Master level?

Although he had killed Zhang Xinxiong, it didn’t mean that he was invincible.

“This is Tiansang City, and there are city guards! You can’t fight in the city! We’d better flee from the city!” she shouted through the voice transmission.

Xu Xiaoshou paused his footsteps.

She was so naïve.

Although the Outer Yard of Tiansang Spirit Palace forbid duals, he had still killed several people.

Did she really think that Tiansang City, which was outside the Spirit Palace, had such rules that everybody would obey?

“Don’t worry. I won’t get caught.” He waved his hand with his back facing her.

Mu Zixi felt unsure.

The small head under the conical hat suddenly had some doubts. She was confused by Xu Xiaoshou’s way of thinking. She walked around for quite a while thinking.

“Well, what I said was that assassins wouldn’t dare to do it

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