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Chapter 240: Snot


Bloop, bloop…

The medicinal soup inside Xu Xiaoshou’s enormous bathtub continued to bubble and condense as he casually glanced at the young girl to his side.

Mu Zixi was a little anxious. It was already the fourth stove she used for making the red gold pills. It now seemed like the art of condensing pills was not so easy to learn.

Even though she was gifted and had an excellent understanding of the medicinal properties of herbs and plants, she had failed three times already.

The reason…?

“Xu Xiaoshou, are you boiling a soup?” Mu Zixi couldn’t help but ask when she glanced at his bathtub where the liquid kept on simmering.

Had she been in a different situation, she wouldn’t have been so easily discouraged even after thirty times or even three hundred times, let alone merely three failures.

But this time, it was Xu Xiaoshou who was cultivating the magic pills against her. And the way he went about his preparation vastly differed from her.

It appeared he did not need to even look after the stove. He let the infernal heavens burn under the stove while staring at her with one of his hands supporting his chin.

Damn, is the flame so powerful?

Mu Zixi felt envious!

She also wanted to make the magic pills the way he did, instead of getting covered in soot and dust. Worst of all, she had no choice but to continue being high-spirited.

Xu Xiaoshou smiled when he heard the question. He dropped the hand supporting his chin and said, “You are right. I’ve invented this method of boiling soup to make the magic pills. Old man, do you want to have a look as well?”

Elder Sang remained silent as he continued to observe with care.

At first, he was not sure what the lad was up to, thinking he was just fooling around. Yet, after studying his method for a while…

The medicinal soup was being reduced as it kept on flowing back and forth, and there appeared to be very little loss of medicinal properties.

This method of making the magic pills—if it would succeed—would be a historic breakthrough in the history of cultivating magic pills!

“Boiling soup…”

Thinking of its name, Elder Sang felt like rolling his eyes upward.

However, even though the names given by Xu Xiaoshou sounded ridiculous—like the names of the large bathtub and small bathtub—those names were rather appropriate for those items!

It was simply impossible not to agree with him!

Since Elder Sang had said nothing, Xu Xiaoshou paid no more attention to him. He knew that the finished product was more important.

So far, all the major spiritual liquids he had made preserved their high quality with minimal loss of efficacy.

Of course, losing medicinal properties was taken a little more seriously than the production process of the magic pills.

Whether there is a better way to preserve the medicinal properties depends on how Elder Sang ultimately judged his finished product later.

All t

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