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Chapter 230: Issuing a Challenge

“Zhang Xinxiong?”

The crowd gasped anxiously as soon as that enormous man with a cape appeared.

“Boy, this is intense. I wonder if Xu Xiaoshou can still mess around, now that the big brother of the Inner Yard has made his appearance.”

“Yeah, Young Master Zhang… I haven’t seen him fight in a long while. From what I heard, he was already halfway through his Master Level several years ago. I wonder if he had been suppressing his level the whole time.”

“Indeed. You could say Zhang Xinxiong is among the oldest in the Inner Yard. Only Enforcer Zhao who still hadn’t graduated back then was older than him, and that’s considering the whole damn frickin’ Inner Yard, man.”

“Enforcer Zhao… you mean Zhao Xidong?”



Many people heard what was happening and arrived at the scene soon enough. Regardless of whether they knew what was happening, everyone was chattering away in excitement.

The big brother of the Inner Yard had yet to show what he was capable of, and they knew little about his past.

However, they knew without a doubt that he and Lan Xinzi were close.

That woman, whom the outsiders saw to be like a taboo, was at the moment severely injured. There was no way Zhang Xinxiong would just let it slide just like that.

Based on how he got to the top in the Inner Yard years ago, what just happened meant that he definitely would not just let it slide even if Zhao Xidong was around.

Xu Xiaoshou looked up at that giant before him and was rather awed.

Before that, the tallest, stoutest man that he had seen was probably Zhou Tianshen.

Yet, when compared to Zhang Xinxiong, Zhou Tianshen was most definitely small.

Just look at those shoulders, the muscle definition…

Seeing that he wasn’t getting anything in return after extending his hand in a friendly manner, Xu Xiaoshou touched Zhang Xinxiong’s triceps curiously and asked, “Is this really muscle? How did you get this big? Protein or something?”


The crowd felt like they had just been petrified that very instant.

Everyone was in a stupor and it was as if their jaws had dropped to the floor and shattered, and they could not pick them up again.

“The hell…!”

Impressed, Passive Points +32.

Envied, Passive Points +7.

Xu Xiaoshou’s bizarre antics even shocked Zhang Xinxiong.

Did he just…

Touch me?

That was a body that not even Lan Xinzi would have dared to touch.

“You’re brave.”

Encouraged, Passive Points +1.

Zhang Xinxiong snorted and walked up to him, hoisting Xu Xiaoshou up by the collar with a nasty look on his face.

“Your body has the smell of the Zhang family’s blood…” He tilted his head close to Xu Xiaoshou’s ear and asked, “Did you kill Yuan Tou?”

Zhang Xinxiong lifted Xu Xiaoshou off of his feet like a chick, and the sight of it made the crowd pity him.

“Couldn’t do anything to resist at all…”

“Yeah, the Xu Xiaoshou who ac

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